Bright Book of Wikimedia Animations

16 animations from Wikimedia Commons: a Bright Book Creator book.


This book contains 16 animations taken from Wikimedia Commons - a vast online library of art, photography, and illustrations.

Each image is reproduced under a Creative Commons license, with their original titles and contributors' names.

We strongly recommend you follow the links from the book to see Wikimedia Commons for yourself. This small sample is barely a taste of the huge range of fascinating media the site has collected.

This book can be rezzed to be read by anyone, or worn as a HUD and read privately. Simply click to turn the pages, and click the ribbons at the bottom of the book to change display contents, change settings, set bookmarks, and so forth.

We have published this partly to demonstrate the Bright Book Creator. Using the creator you too can publish books like this, carrying your own name as creator, and complete with animations, clickable tabs to give objects, open web pages, and send messages, contents listings, configurable size and aspect ratio, and many other features. See:

But whether you chose this book to see what the creator can do, or just because you love the book, we hope you enjoy it :)


Shan Bright
Chief Executive Officer