Bright Book of Public Domain Images

100 free-to-use images, with full-perm textures: a Bright Book Creator book.


This eclectic collection of brings together 100 public domain, out of copyright, or simply licensed free-to-use images: ten each from ten different sources.

We provide it in two forms: a book, and a frame.

The book can be rezzed for public reading, or worn as a HUD. Simply click the pages to turn them, or click the ribbons to access the contents list, change the book's settings, set and use bookmarks, and so forth.

There is a white tab by the side of each page: click this to obtain a full-perms copy of the image on the page.

The framed version is a single prim which can be hung on a wall. Click this to display a menu which allows you to select which image to display, resize the frame, or even start a slide-show.

This collection was originally published, without the book version, under the title "Bright PD100". The images are the same: but we believe users may find it easier to browse for the ones they want through the book form.

We have published this partly to demonstrate the Bright Book Creator. Using the creator you too can publish books like this, carrying your own name as creator, and complete with animations, clickable tabs to give objects, open web pages, and send messages, contents listings, configurable size and aspect ratio, and many other features. See:

But whether you chose this book to see what the creator can do, or because you liked the art, we hope you enjoy it :)


Shan Bright
Chief Executive Officer