Our usergroup is called Bright Corporation Investors, because we believe every resident who buys our products, rents one of our homes, or simply takes an interest in our company, contributes - invests - by doing so.

Join us! You need buy nothing, it costs nothing, and as a Bright Corporation Investor, you will receive:

* Information about new products and updates
* Quality, original, finished and useful freebies
* Free entry into our bi-monthly L$1,000 voucher draw

You will not receive:

* Lots of spam notices
* Unusable demos or crippled versions of pay-for products
* Any IMs, emails, notecards, or other nonsense

How to join

1. Visit the

2. Click the Bright Corporation Investors box on the wall to the left of the door.

3. Follow the instructions given to join the group, and add us to your picks to be included in the bi-monthly $1,000 draw.


All our freebies are complete, usable, and documented products, finished with as much care as we put into our paid-for products.

We do not send out unusable demonstrations, or crippled versions of products which you must pay for.

The L$1000 voucher prize draw

Every two months, we will randomly select an investor who also has our Bright Megastore in their profile picks to receive a voucher worth L$1000. Any time during the following month, the winner can use this to buy themselves anything from the Bright range. If the products they choose come to more than L$1,000, they can make up the difference in cash. You need do nothing: if you win, you will be notified automatically.

Your investment

You needn't invest money: your investment is simply to join.

When we release information about new or updated products, we can tell a great deal about their strengths and weaknesses from the response of our investors: from the number of IMs we receive, the questions and comments they contain.

Even if you don't respond at all, you help form that picture.

Nothing is more valuable to us than understanding the needs and wishes of the Second Life community: and by being a member of the investors group, you are investing your expertise as a Second Life resident.

That's all the investment we ask.