Bright Two-Prim Flat

Modern home, menu-controlled size & textures, built-in teleporter, in 2 prims!


The Bright Two Prim Flat provides a comfortable modern home in only two prims.

Save your land's prim space for furniture, art, toys, and all your favourite things.

Wherever you want to live, the flat can be sized and customised to fit the space without building or editing, through a built-in menu system.

Rez your flat on the ground or in the sky. The base can be extended downwards to embed into even the most sloped or uneven terrain, or shortened for that minimalist sky box look.

It is supplied at 20x20m, but will fit any parcel, being sizable from 4x4m to 64x32m.

You can use the flat's menus to change your flat's appearance too, still without editing. Switch from carpet to wood, from brick to plaster, or from grass to tiles with the click of a button: choosing from a range of 99 textures. Or apply one of the eleven predefined decorating schemes, setting all textures at once.

And once you've set up your home, you can move between the warm privacy of your flat's interior, and the airy open space of the roof garden, using the flat's built in teleport system. And if your flat is up in the sky, the teleporter can also take you to the ground below.

The Bright Two Prim Flat offers all the advantages of a modern, scripted home, and endless customisation, all while taking only two prims of your land's capacity. Less is more!


Drag the "Bright Two Prim Flat boxed" from your inventory onto the ground to rez it.

Right-click the box to display its pop-up menu, click "Open" to access its content window, and click the "Copy To Inventory" button at the bottom.

This will create a folder called "Bright Two Prim Flat boxed" in your Inventory.

From this folder, drag the object "Bright Two Prim Flat" onto the ground.


If you are outside the flat when you rez it, fly onto the roof, and say "/2f" in chat.

This is an abbreviation of "to flat", and will cause a teleport beam to appear in the middle of the roof. Click it, and you will be carried inside. The teleporter will disappear after 20 seconds if not used.

To get back onto the roof, say "/2r" again, and the beam will appear inside the flat. Click it to be carried out.

If the floor of your flat is at least 4m above ground level, say "/2g" and a teleporter will appear within the flat. Click it to be carried down to ground level.

And don't worry: the teleporter beam is a temporary prim, and so will not use up your land's available prims. The Bright Two Prim Flat will never use more than two prims.

(Remember that chat can only be heard within 20m. If your flat is very large, you need to be within 20m of the centre for your "/2..." commands to be heard. Or you can press Control+Enter instead of Enter to "shout", which will carry your voice 100m.)


Say "/2m" (short for "to menu") to display the flat's main settings menu:

    *** MAIN MENU ***

    Please click a button to change
    settings or redecorate.

    (Memory: 27300b, Runtime: 0.01h)

    [Surfaces] [Schemes] [Random]
    {Access] [Channel] [Size]

Click any of the six buttons to display a settings submenu: each is explained below.


Click the [Surfaces] button on the main menu to display the surfaces menu:

    *** SURFACE MENU ***

    Please choose a surface to redecorate.

    (Memory: 26684b, Runtime: 0.02h)

    [Inner Walls] [Outer Walls] [Rear Wall]
    [Side Edges] [Roof Edges] [Base Edges]
    [<MAIN] [Roof] [Base]

This menu allows you to choose a surface to retexture.

The surfaces are...

[Interior] The floor, ceiling, and rear wall inside the flat. (These are covered by a single texture.)

[Inner Walls] The inside of the front and side walls. (Many choose glass textures for the inner walls to create windows. Note that making these transparent doesn't allow people to see in from outside.)

[Outer Walls] The exterior walls.

[Rear Wall] The shorter overlaid wall at the back of the flat.

[Side Edges] The projecting edges of the floor, rear wall, and ceiling, as seen from the outside of the flat.

[Roof Edges] The surfaces at the top of the walls.

[Base Edges] The surfaces at the bottom of the walls.

[Roof] The exterior roof surface (as seen when looking down on the flat from above).

[Base] The exterior of the bottom of the flat (as seen when looking up at the flat from below).


Click a button on the surfaces menu to display the style menu. For instance, clicking [Roof] will display:


    Please choose a texture style.

    (Memory: 26654b, Runtime: 0.05h)

    [Art] [City]
    [Wood] [Medal] [Glass]
    [Fabric] [Stone] [Tiled]
    [<SURFACES] [Natural] [Graphic]

Each button will display a choice of nine textures fitting the style in question.


Click a button on the styles menu to display the corresponding textures menu. For instance, clicking [Stone] will display:


    (1) Granite, (2) White marble, (3) Pink marble,
    (4) Mauve marble, (5) Red brick, (6) White brick,
    (7) Rough brick, (8) Slates, (9) White plaster

    (Memory: 26654b, Runtime: 0.07h)

    [1] [2] [3]
    [4] [5] [6]
    [7] [8] [9]
    [<STYLES] [<LAST] [NEXT>]

Clicking a button from [1] to [9] will instantly apply the corresponding texture to a surface. So clicking [3] at the menu above, for instance, will apply a pink marble texture to the roof.

Click [<LAST] or [NEXT>] to move through selections of textures of different styles.


Click the [Schemes] button on the main menu to display a choice of decorating schemes:

    *** SCHEMES MENU ***

    Please choose a decorating scheme.

    (Memory: 26654b, Runtime: 0.09h)

    [Home] [New Yorker] [Whitehouse]
    [Groovy] [Chilled] [Slum]
    [Wood cabin] [Gothic] [Prison]
    [<MAIN] [Colourful] [Art house]

Click any of these to apply the corresponding predefined set of textures to each surface.


Click the [Random] button on the main menu to display this menu:

    *** RANDOM MENU ***

    Click [Random!] to apply random textures
    to all surfaces.

    (Memory: 26654b, Runtime: 0.11h)

    [<MAIN] [Random!]

Clicking [Random!] will cause a randomly selected texture to be applied to each surface.

The effect is usually rather messy, but you may see textures applied in ways you hadn't considered, so it can be a way to investigate possible new looks.


Click the [Access] button on the main menu to display this menu:

    *** ACCESS MENU ***

    TP access: Public
    Please click below change access.

    (Memory: 26654b, Runtime: 0.11h)

    [<MAIN] [Owner] [Group]

Use this menu to control who may rez teleporters using "/2..." commands.

Click [Public] to allow access to anyone.

Click [Owner] to restrict access to yourself.

Click [Group] to allow access to anyone whose active group match's the group assigned to the flat itself.

Note that whatever access is allowed to the teleporter, only you will be able to display the menu.


Click the [Channel] button on the main menu to display this dialog box:

    Current channel: 2
    Please enter a new channel & click [Submit].

    (Memory: 26604b, Runtime: 0.12h)

    [                    ]
    [                    ]
    [                    ]


As shipped, the flat will listen to channel 2 for commands, so (for instance) to display the menu you typed "/2m".

If you prefer to use a different channel, enter (say) "7" above and click [Submit]. The flat's script will then reset: enter "/7m" to redisplay the menu.

To leave the channel unchanged, click [Submit] without making an entry.


Click the [Size] button on the main menu to display this menu:

    *** SIZE MENU ***

    Width: 20m, Depth: 20m
    Height: 6m, Base: 1m, Rail: 1m

    (Memory: 26604b, Runtime: 0.13h)

    [Height +1m] [Height -1m]
    [Width +4m] [Depth +4m] [Rail +1m]
    [Width -4m] [Depth -4m] [Rail -1m]
    [<MAIN] [Base +1m] [Base -1m]

Click the [+] and [-] buttons to increase or decrease the corresponding dimensions.

The width is measured from side wall to side wall, and may be set to between 4m and 64m.

The depth is measured from the rear to the from wall, from 4m to 32m.

The height is measured from floor to ceiling inside the flat, from 4m to 32m.

The rail is the height of wall projecting up around the roof, from 1m to 16m.

The base is the depth of wall extending below the floor, from 1m to 16m. A deep base may be useful if you wish to size your flat on the ground, and sink it into sloping terrain.


* Choose transparent textures for your inner walls, but opaque textures for your outer walls. That way, you get a lovely view and a feeling of space while inside, but retain privacy from the outside.

* If you set a high width and depth, making your flat very large, consider increasing its height too, raising the ceiling. The larger the space, the lower the ceiling will seem.

* If you live on the ground, consider extending the "base" so that the walls project down into the ground, but the floor is five to ten metres up. This will create a "walled garden" space below your flat, which you can access by teleporter by saying "/2g".

* Set home position within your flat. Then, if it is up in the sky, and you use "/2g" to rez a teleporter to take you to the ground, you'll be able to press Control+Shift+H to return.

* Even if you already live in a more elaborate home, you can use one or more flats to create new spaces. If you live in a medieval castle on the ground, you can put a flat in the sky to hold your much loved collection of cubist art.

* Use your flat as an office or shop. Save every possible prim for more vendors and product demos!


Shan Bright
Chief Executive Officer