Main Shops

Our flagship Bright Megashop is in Mizar. Here you will find our main range of products: vehicles, gadgets, buildings, furniture, and art, with displays and demonstration versions, show homes, a gift vendor, freebies, and much more.

The Bright Adultshop is home to all our erotica, sex toys, and BDSM furniture.


Bright Webshop (

All our products are also available on the World Wide Web through our shop in the Second Life Marketplace.


We maintain Bright Minishops in many leading venues in Second Life:

At A-rated sites, we maintain Bright Adult Minishops:


Bright Freeshops stock only free Bright products, and you are welcome to visit and take what you need.

A chain of ten may be found at ground level across the Second Life mainland grid in Archon, Austerity, Blister, Filignano, Horan, Mizar, Mythago, Owlet, Unzen, and Vinogradov.


Unstaffed roadside Bright Microshops may be found in the following regions:
Aragonese, Birchwood, Blacksticks, Camorro, Celchu, Chebi, Claremorris, Cliffoed, Effingham, Estruda, Gangkhar, Gergonne, Green Ray, Glossgockner, Haean, Harbourne, Highcastle, Iseul, Kaskitayo, Kloos, Kristatos, Kyle, Laserlight, Loveland, Moa, Motru, Murinata, Mysten, Nangrim, Neverdol, Ongwuti, Pavet, Pawpaw, Pilatanius, Pyewacket, Saengseon, Sagwa, Scamp, Shetlon, Silacci, Spinolds Flat, Sunstream, Taescot, Thetidia, Tieut, Tortosa, Ulyanov Oblast, Weisshorn, Wumb, and Zugspite.