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Welcome to website of The Second Village!

We are fans of The Prisoner who have recreated the village of Portmeirion where it was set in the virtual world of Second Life.

The Prisoner was an extraordinary television series first screened by the BBC in the 1960s. Enigmatic and unique, what at first seemed an action adventure series ultimately examined the role of the individual in society, and the nature of freedom.

Portmeirion is the holiday resort in North Wales in which the series was set. Created by architect Clough Williams-Ellis, the beautiful, pastel, Italianate buildings, and its air of mysterious isolation, made the village itself a major character in the story.

Second Life is sometimes referred to as a 'computer game', but is perhaps better thought of as an imaginary world: as there are no rules, no points, and no 'winning'. Instead, it is a 'virtual reality' in which you can explore, meet others, and create.

Visit us!

The Second Village was created almost single-handedly by the indefatiguable Catty Erde, shown here admidst her creation. In the welcome message she distributes to visitors, she writes:

Afficionados will know this is not a to scale map of Portmeirion, nor should it be. I do however, have all relevant Prisoner builds, not all of which exist in the real world. This island is here for fun and to provide attractive accomodation and workspace to Second Life residents who appreciate the non-real life cartoon style this build has allowed me to develop.

We hope this website will encourage you to come and see it for yourself. If you are a fan of The Prisoner, but don't understand Second Life, use this link to read an introduction to this virtual world: which explains both what it is, and how to access it. It is free, fascinating, and you could be playing within the hour.

On the other hand, if you are already a Second Life user, but haven't seen The Prisoner, click this link to read our desciption of this extraordinary and unique television series: complete with a guide to the actors who appeared in it, an episode list with plot summary, and an interview with the show's creator and star Patrick McGoohan.

We also reproduce historical and guidebook information to the village which inspired and hosted the programme, Portmeirion: along with pictures and descriptions of all its major buildings. Aside from its association with The Prisoner, we think you will agree that this special place is, in itself, historically fascinating, and effortlessly beautiful.

And if you cannot travel to Wales to see it for yourself, the beauty of The Second Village is that using the computer from which you are reading these words, you can travel to our virtual Portmeirion without leaving your chair. We provide information about the buildings you'll find there, and even information for those thinking of renting them, as virtual residences, or for business.

As Catty writes: If you choose to live and work here, I hope you will be very happy and stay to become part of what will develop into an energetic community.

A note on the website

This website was created by Shan Bright. I am a sister Prisoner fan, and run the Bright Corporation, which I'm proud to say was one of the first to trade in The Second Village: where we sell the village taxi shown here and several other Prisoner related products. I'd like to thank Catty for her kindness as a landlady, and her extraordinary effort in creating this beautiful imaginary space, which will bring pleasure to so many. She is, of course, not responsible for any nonsense which may have crept into the site: but should you find mistakes, please let us know.

[Shan Bright, Number 58, 8th November 2008]