Bright Corporation Rentals

We believe that everyone should have somewhere private: to enjoy company, or solitude.

To this end, we established Bright Corporation Rentals in July of 2007, our first site offering 14 sky homes. They have proved extraordinarily popular with the residents of Second Life, and we now rent hundreds homes on sites spread over nine regions.

The five styles of home we offer are described below, but whichever you choose, you will be able to live in a private, exclusive space, set your home position, eject & ban anyone in or around your airspace, and use built-in menus to set textures. Sky homes are particularly private, as we surround them with a sky screen (also with selectable textures) and provide a free security orb.

Bright Apartments are spacious modern apartments, ideal for those who don't wish to live in the sky, or are looking for elegant, very low cost living.

Weekly rent: L$75
Prim limit: 60

Bright Sky Chalets are chic modern sky homes: two-story houses with a large open deck.

Weekly rent: L$99
Prim limit: 80

Bright Sky Lofts are large open-plan homes, with menus which let you not only change textures, but actually make the building larger or smaller, and switch between one and two floors.

Weekly rent: L$150
Prim limit: 150

Bright Sky Suites offer the same features as Sky Lofts, but with higher prim limits and set within a larger sky-screened air space.

Weekly rent: L$250
Prim limit: 275

Bright Sky Worlds form your own private environment. A huge 7,500m2 platform sits under a sky dome: rez you own home (or the gorgeous "Cristalina" home we provide free), and use a menu to choose your sky, ground cover, and even an optional river or sea shore.

Weekly rent: L$500
Prim limit: 600

Furnishing your home: free gifts

Bright One-Prim-Furniture offer 27 items of furniture, each only 1 prim: making it possible to furnish a home comfortably whatever you prim limit.

This popular collection is provided to all residents, free, and exactly as sold from the our Megashop for L$195. Use it, use your own furniture, or mix and match as you like!

The Bright TV, as sold for L$60, lets you watch video, tune radio, or even (using the latest SL viewer) browse the web. It uses a "public ariel" installed at each site, so unlike most SL TVs it need not be deeded.

It has preset channels, but you may add your own for any web page, net video or radio station compatible with SL!

Finding us!

Start Second Life, and click on one of the links below. Click the green button for a list of homes, and select a vacant property from the menu displayed. You will 'hear' a teleport link in chat: open your chat window, and click on it to teleport to the home.

Then have a look around! If you like what you see, you can rent a skybox immediately: click the 'information' sign, take a notecard, and follow the instructions. In five minutes, you'll be in your new home.

And if there are no vacancies, try another site!