Rental System

Rent boxes, tenant teleporter, HUD for stats, arrears, overprim reports, & more!


* Only ONE script in each rent box: LOW MEMORY, LOW LAG!
* Rent boxes: offer hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly rates
* Teleporter: gives notecard, TPs visitors to vacancies and tenants to rentals
* HUD: click for remote access to any rent box menu in the sim or rental reports
* Reports: tenancies, vacancies, arrears, overprims, litter, & revenues
* Automatic reminders to tenants before rent due, and warnings when in arrears
* Real-time prim counting: tenants can check their prim usage
* Optional automatic warnings to tenants who go over their prim limits
* Optional automatic warnings to non-tenants leaving their prims on a rental site
* Optional automatic eviction of tenants in arrears (with optional auto-bans)
* Optional rent box spin/floating text to when a rental is overprim or in arrears
* Sharing: allows two AVs to rent together, get joint messages & share prims
* Closeable rent boxes: close a rent box to stop a lease being started/extended
* No laggy off-world/website communications, simple & efficient
* Welcome kits: gives new tenants gifts: landmarks, tees, even furniture!


The Bright Rental System has been completely redeveloped and hugely expanded - but still retaining it's "one script per rent box" efficiency! It is being re-released the following new features. ...

* Adjustment menu: click to change lease, rent, or prim limit during a tenancy
* Allow other named avatars to act as managers for your rentals
* Rental HUD transferable: can be given to managers
* Debit permissions no longer required: boxes can be reset by managers
* Configurable welcome message: include an invite to your group, with a link
* Optional floating text over teleporter reporting the rentals & vacancies counts
* Optionally warn owner when rental site is low on prims or all vacancies taken
* Optionally display sign & send custom message to visitors when site full
* Button to allow quick access to tenant's profiles for information and IMs
* Automatic closure of teleports to vacant rentals when parcel is short of prims
* Intelligent settings: use a single notecard to record different configurations


The Bright Rental System can be set up in minutes, making it *easy* to rent out space.

Just rez a rent box in each space you wish to rent out, name it (eg. "Apartment 1") and edit the notecard inside to set rent, prim limit, and a few other details. (The rent box is bright and unmistakable: sure to attract tenants, but if you'd prefer to use your own texture, you can!)

Then, put the "Information & Teleport" box where you expect potential tenants to see it. As soon as it's rezzed, it will talk to the rent boxes in the region, noting locations, existing tenants' names, and vacancies. When a visitor clicks, it will display this list, complete with buttons offering teleports to vacant rentals (or, if the clicker is an existing tenant, to their own home).

They will land under the rent box. On clicking it, they will be offered a notecard, and can begin renting just by paying. The money is instantly transferred to you, and their lease begins. They can click the box any time to count the number of prims they are using, check the length of their remaining lease, or pay to extend it. They will receive warning IM's before it expires, and if they go into arrears or over their prim limit.

To manage your rentals, click the teleporter yourself, or wear the HUD and click that, or appoint managers and give *them* HUDs too!) It will display a menu of all the boxes in your region, with tenants' name, vacancies, rent arrears and overprim symbols. Click the button corresponding to a rent box to access its control menu remotely, or teleport to it: or click "Report" to receive more detailed statistics showing both details for each rent box, and totals for the group.

It's as simple as that. These three tools - rent box, information & teleport box, and rental HUD - make renting out space a snap: providing your residents with the help and service *they* need, and you with the information and control *you* need.


1. Drag the "Bright Rental System boxed #999" from your inventory onto the ground to rez it. ("#999" is the version number - it will vary.)

2. Right-click the box and click "Open". A "Contents" window will appear: click the "Copy To Inventory" button at the bottom.

3. This will create a folder in your inventory called "Bright Rental System boxed #999". Inside, you will find three objects - the rent box, the "tp" or teleport box, and the HUD - plus a copy of this note.


1. Drag the rent box ("Bright Rental System box #999") from your inventory onto the ground in the space you wish to rent out.

2. Right-click the box and click "Edit..." in the pop-up menu. Three arrows will appear - red, blue, and green. Drag these to move the rent box exactly where you want it. Bear in mind that when visitors use the "teleport box" to tp to the rental, they will land inside the box - so the best thing to do is lift it about 2m off the ground, so visitors will land safely underneath.

3. Click the box and hold down the mouse button until it spins to make it remember its position.

4. Right-click the box, click "Edit..." again to open its object window.

5. Change the "Name:" of the rental box to something suitable: like "Room 11" or "Skybox 04". Keep names short and readable: at most 15 characters will appear on your teleport menu and in your reports. If you have more than nine rentals, remember that "Room 1" comes *after* "Room 10" in alphabetical order, so call it "Room 01" to ensure your lists are properly sorted.

6. Now click on the "Contents" tab. Double click "Rental box (notecard)" to open it. Each line begins with a star and a word, followed by a value. Set these values as you want them, then press the "Save" button....

*rent 250 (replace "250" with the rent you are seeking)

*period week (possible rental periods are "hour", "day", "week", or "month" - a month being 28 days)

*warnings 2 (how many warning messages to send out *before* the rent falls due)

*interval 24.0 (how long to leave between rent warnings, in hours)

*autoevict no (automatically end the lease once the money has run out: "no", "yes", or "ban" if you wish to additionally ban the tenant from the land the teleporter box stands on)

*prims 50 (how many prims the resident may keep in the rented space)

*overprim-trigger 1.2 (how many times over the prim limit the resident must be before receiving an IM warning: use 1.0 to warn of *any* excess, 1.2 to warn only if the resident is more than 20% over)

*overprim-interval 1.0 (how long to leave between overprim warnings, in hours)

*spin yes (should the rent box spin slowly when the rent is due or the resident is over their prim limit: yes or no)

*sharing yes (should residents be allowed to nominate 2nd residents to share their rentals - whose prims are counted towards the rental's allowance, and who will also receive rent and overprim warnings: yes or no)

*notecard first (the name of a notecard with information about the rental, "first" to give out the first one found in the rent box, or "tp" to centralise the process by giving out the 'information and teleport' box's notecard (see below): note that a "standard" notecard is provided with the system, but you may edit this if you wish to give your residents more information or lay out rules)

*welcome-text none (additional text which should be displayed when someone rents a box, "none" to suppress this: such text is useful for inviting someone to join a group with a message like "Click here to join the residents group: secondlife:///app/group/5d58822a-701b-dd40-dd4b-b0f83c1c2cc7/about" - just replace the UUID here with the one for your group)

*give yes (if "yes", anything in the rent box other than the scripts and the settings notecard is given to new residents on moving in as a "Welcome kit". If "tp", the items are taken from the "information and teleport" box, allowing a single set of items to serve multiple rent boxes. Note the resident can request them again at any time via the rent box)

*rent-texture 2c4b7150-6c4b-dfed-e86a-bd30d839789f (the UUID of the texture to display when the rental is vacant - right click a texture in your inventory and click "Copy Asset UUID", then press Control+V to paste it into this note, the default texture shows the words "rent me" in red against a yellow background)

*rent-size 2.0,2.0,2.0 (the size of the rent box when the rental is vacant)

*info-texture bbe74959-31fa-c74f-b8e5-cc1ddb45938f (the UUID of the texture to display when the rental is occupied - the default texture shows a white "i" for "information" on a blue background)

*info-size 0.5,0.5,0.5 (the size of the rent box when the rental is occupied)

*info-position 0.0,0.0,0.0 (the x,y,z distances to move the rental box when a resident moves in, *relative* to its position when vacant: possibly, for instance, moving a rental box prominently displayed in the centre of a space to an unobtrusive corner when a resident rents it)

*closed-texture 320e625f-4396-8a76-84fc-e6246bec980f (the UUID of the texture to display when the rental is vacant but closed against renting - the default texture shows the "rent me" design with the word "RESERVED" pasted diagonally across it)

*text warning (set to "never" to prevent the display of floating text over the rental box, "vacant" to display it only when there is no resident, "warning" to display text when vacant or when the resident is in arrears or overprim, or "always" to display it *all* the time.)

*channel 893 (you can set up independent "groups" of rent boxes by having each group communicate on a different channel, a good idea if you have a *lot* of rentals as it keeps the list of rent boxes shown by each teleporter and control hud manageable - each teleporter can handle a group of around 30 boxes, and you can have as many groups as you wish)

(Note: if you'd like to use the sames settings notecard in number of rent boxes, which vary only in a few details, you can use "conditional" settings. For instance, if you rent out "little shops" which have 10 prims, and "big shops" which have 20, you can use the following settings in the notecard:

*prims 10
[big] *prims 20

Drop this in all your rent boxes, and normally, they will allow 10 prims, but those which have the word "big" in the rent box name will allow 20 prims.)

7. The box will restart. Close the notecard window, and the edit window, by clicking the "X" in their top right hand corners.

Repeat these steps for each space you wish to rent out. Note that if you have a lot of rent boxes to set up the same way, you can copy the first settings notecard into your inventory, and then drop it into all the other boxes to configure them instantly.


1. Drag the "Bright Rental System tp #999" to the ground. It can give out notecards, teleport prospective residents to vacant rent boxes, and teleport existing residents to their own rentals: generally you will wish to put it in a central, public space. But if you don't want people to see it, just make it small and place it somewhere hidden: but note IT NEEDS TO BE REZZED IN ORDER FOR THE RENT BOXES TO WORK.

2. Right-click it and select "Edit...". In the edit window which appears, click the "Content" tab.

3. Double click "Rental teleporter (notecard)" to open the notecard. Again, set these values as you want them, then click "Save"...

*notecard first (the name of a notecard with information about your rentals, or "first" to give out the first one found in the teleport box: note that a "standard" notecard is provided with the system, but you may wish to edit this if you wish to give your residents more information)

*channel 893 (the chat channel used by the rent boxes - see above)

*text no (controls the display floating text over the teleporter encouraging visitors to click, and displaying the number of rentals and vacancies - set to "yes" to switch this on)

*box-count 0 (the number of rent boxes being served by the teleporter, ie. in the same region, using the same channel. If you leave this number at 0, the teleporter will still work, and you will be able to add and remove rent boxes without updating it: but litter-checking - see below - will be disabled.)

*min-prims 0 (if the number of prims available on the parcel falls below this number, the teleporter will show the text 'NO SPACE' in place of the usual number of vacancies, show all vacancies in the menu as 'RESERVED', and prevent people teleporting to them: this is an emergency feature to prevent people renting new boxes when there may not be enough prims for them. Note that it doesn't close the rent boxes themselves: you must do that using the rent box menu.)

*litter-interval 0 (the minimum number of hours the system should leave between sending messages asking non-residents who have rezzed prims on the same parcel as the teleporter to come and remove them. A non-resident is anyone whose name does not appear as the resident or the 2nd resident on a rent box. Copies of these messages are also sent to you, so you will know if people are leaving litter on your rental sites. 0 suppresses litter checking.)

*normal-texture none (the UUID of the texture which should be displayed on the sides of the teleporter. Note that you only need to fill this in if you want the teleporter to change textures when there are no vacancies - see '*full-texture' below. Otherwise, leave this as 'none')

*full-texture none (the UUID of the texture which should be displayed on the sides of the teleporter when all the vacancies are full. If you don't want the texture to change, leave this as 'none'.)

*full-message none (the text of the message which should be sent to non-tenants who click the teleporter when there are no vacancies: such as "Sorry, there are no vacancies." Note that existing residents will still see the list of rentals, to allow them to choose their own and teleport home if they wish to.)

*full-notecard no (if you wish the teleporter to give non-tenants the information notecard when there are no vacancies instead of displaying the usual menu, change this to 'yes'.)

*full-warning no (if you wish to receive a warning IM when you run out of vacancies or fall below your min-prims count change this to 'yes'.)

*managers none (replace "none" with the keys of any avatars whom you wish to have access to the rental management features of the system, separated by spaces. To learn an avatar's UUID, give them a Bright Rental Systems HUD, and have them click it and hold the mouse button down to hear a message like "Name: Shan Bright, Key: 4b16ad11-0a56-4627-8eb6-4c88a9850fb5".)

(Note: as above with the rent box settings, you can put a word in square brackets like [this] at the beginning of any setting, and that setting will apply only to those teleporters which have the word 'this' in their names.)

4. If the land is group owned, "deed" this box to the group. If you don't, it will be unable to count prims on the land, and everyone will seem have to zero. Right-click, click the "General" tab, and click "Set..." to set the box to the right group. Then tick the "Share with group" box, and click "Deed...". The rent boxes must then be "Set..." to the same group: but need not (and indeed cannot) be deeded.

5. The box will spend a little time collecting information from your rent boxes: "floating text" above it will describe progress. When the text clears, click the box, and you will be shown a control menu for your rent boxes, described below.


The HUD is optional. If you wear it, you can click it to access the same menu that you see when you click the "Information & Teleport" box (see above). It is handy if you'd like access to this menu wherever you are in the same region. It is transferable, so you can also give it to your managers to use similarly: though it will only work for them if they appear in the "*managers" setting of the teleport notecard (see above: note also, if one of your managers clicks the HUD and *holds down* the mouse button, they will be told their avatar's UUID, to use in the "*managers" setting).

1. Right-click the object "Bright Rental System hud #999" in your inventory and click "Wear". It will appear in the bottom-right of your screen. If you already have a HUD there and wish to put it somewhere else, choose "Attach To HUD" instead of "Wear", and then choose the location you want from the menu.

2. Right-click the HUD and select "Edit...". In the edit window which appears, click the "Content" tab.

3. Double click "Rental hud (notecard)" and the notecard will be displayed. Each line begins with a star and a word, followed by a value. Set these values as you want them, then press the "Save" button...

*channel 893 (the chat channel used by the rent boxes - see above)

4. Close the notecard and the edit windows by clicking the "X" in their top right hand corners. The HUD will restart, and collect information from all the rental boxes.

5. Right-click the HUD and click "Detach". Then, find it in your inventory and "Wear" it again. This forces Second Life to save the changes you have made to the notecard.


Click a rent box to see its menu.

The rent box menu will display its name and location, rent, prim allowance, residents' names, lease remaining, and number of prims rezzed. It also displays the following buttons...

"Reset" restarts the rent box: but without losing the resident's name or lease information.

"Open/Close" lets you "close" the rent box against payments - any payments made will be returned immediately. This prevents new residents starting a lease, or can be used to allow a resident to see out their lease, while preventing them from renewing. If the box is vacant, the "rent me" textures is replaced by one with the word "RESERVED" pasted diagonally across it. (See the settings "*rent-texture" and "*closed-texture" above).

"Teleport/IM" puts a special web-like "link" into chat, a little like this: "Click to go:.../Click to IM Shan Bright:..." Click on these links to teleport to the rent box, or to display the profiles of the tenants.

"Rent IM" and "Prim IM" both send instant messages to the resident, the first reminding them when their rent is due, the second warning them that they are over their prim limit (if they aren't, it will not be sent).

"Evict" will immediately remove the residents name from the box and return it to a "vacant" state, while sending an instant message to the tenant to tell them their rental has been ended.

"Clear" does the same as "Evict", but without sending an eviction notice - thereby simply clearing the residents details from the rent box.

"Resident 2" will only appear if you have specified "*sharing yes" in your settings notecard. It will produce a message like "Click 'Clear 2' and remove any existing 2nd resident, and ask your new one to say '/657393 hello'." Once the 2nd resident has repeated the message (including the PIN number) within hearing of the rent box, they will have their prims counted towards the rental's prim allowance, and receive rent and overprim messages. Their prims will no longer show as "OTHERS" on the rental report (see above).

"Clear 2" will only appear if you have specified "*sharing yes" in your settings notecard. It removes the 2nd resident from the box.

"Notecard" gives you a copy of your own rental information notecard.

"Adjust" will only appear if the rental is occupied, and will allow you to change the terms of the current tenancy. Clicking it will display a submenu, with "Adjust lease", "Adjust rent" and "Adjust prims" buttons. Click these to add or remove time to the lease, Lindens to the rent, or prims to the allowance. Please bear in mind that these changes will only apply to the current tenant: when they leave, the rent and prim allowance will be reset to those specified in the settings notecard. To permanently change the rent or prim allowances, therefore, change them in the notecard.

When a resident clicks the box, they will see the following options:

"Welcome kit" will appear if you have specified "*give yes" in your settings notecard. They can click this button to have their welcome kit redelivered.

"Leave" will end the residents lease.

"Refresh", "Resident 2", "Clear 2", and "Notecard", as above.

Other people clicking the rent box will simply see a "Notecard" button, which will provide information about the rental.


When clicked, the teleport box displays the number of vacancies, a list of your rentals in the region, and the names of residents against those which are occupied.

Residents can click "Notecard" for your rentals information notecard, "" to page through the list of rentals, or a numbered button to teleport to a particular rent box. Anyone can teleport to a vacant rental: but to protect their privacy, only residents can teleport to the boxes they occupy.

As the owner of the system, if you click the box, you will see additional symbols against each name: "@" if the resident is in arrears, "!" if they are overprim, and "#" if the rent box has been closed. These details are not shown to other users.

If you click a numbered button, you will see the same menu you would see if you clicked the corresponding rent box, allowing you to control them remotely. If you wish to travel to them, click "Teleport".

You will also see an additional "Report" button. Click this to produce a detailed report of your rentals in the region, like this:

1) [Skybox 01] Philip Linden & Anshe Chung, just over 18 hours in arrears at $300 a week, using 62 prims from 50
1) [Skybox 01] Philip Linden & Anshe Chung, just over 18 hours in arrears at $300 a week, using 62 prims from 50
1) [Skybox 01] Philip Linden & Anshe Chung, just over 18 hours in arrears at $300 a week, using 62 prims from 50
2) [Skybox 02] is vacant at $300 a week, with 50 prims
4) [Skybox 04] is vacant at $300 a week, with 50 prims
# rentals: 15
# occupied: 13
Possible rent: $4500
Actual rent: $3900
Prims (residents): 372
Prims (others): 312
Shan Bright is using 300 prims
Marc Woebegone is using 12 prims

(If you have rent boxes on multiple parcels in a region, please note that the "residents" prims are counted on the parcels housing their rent boxes, whereas the "other" prims are those belonging to non-residents on the parcel housing the teleporter itself).


Clicking the HUD displays exactly the same menu as clicking the "information & teleport" box described above: so wearing the HUD gives you access to this, and all therefore to all the rent boxes, wherever you are in the region.

It is transferable, so you can also give copies of this HUD to your managers: though it will only work for them if their UUID is included after the "*managers" in the teleporter settings notecard. They can learn their UUID by clicking their HUD and holding down the mouse button until they hear it in chat.


If you are updating an older version of the Bright Rental System, you may find it easier to replace the scripts in your existing rent boxes and teleporter than to replace them.

1. Rez your new "Bright Rental System box #127". Right-click it, click "Open", and drag the script "Rental box #117" from the "OBJECT CONTENTS" window to your "Bright Rental System boxed #011" folder.

2. Rez your new "Bright Rental System teleporter #130". Right-click it, click "Open", and drag the scripts "Rental litter warner #005" and "Rental teleporter #146" to your "Bright Rental System boxed #011" folder.

3. Visit your first rental, drag the script "Update old rent boxes #001" from your "Bright Rental System boxed #011" folder, and drop it over the rent box. It will remove the old rent box script, and convert any saved tenancy information.

4. Drag the script "Bright Rental System box #127" from your "Bright Rental System boxed #011" and drop it over the box.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all your existing rent boxes.

5. Right-click your teleporter, click "Open", and delete the scripts inside. Then drag the scripts "Rental litter warner #005" and "Rental teleporter #146" to your "Bright Rental System boxed #011" folder and drop them over your teleporter.


* Choose short, meaningful names for your rental boxes. These names will appear in the list shown to potential residents, in your HUD's listing, and in IM's sent to your residents. If you have more than nine, use numbers like "01, 02... 10", so that they sort properly: remember that "Room 1" sorts alpabetically *after* "Room 10".

* Set up a residents' group, and restrict object rezzing rights on the parcel to that group: this prevents others soaking up your residents prim allowance.

* While many landlords manually add new residents, consider making the group open. Few bother to join a group simply to let them leave litter, especially if you charge a fee for joining, which you can then refund to legitimate residents, or treat as a deposit. An open group gets rid of that period which all residents hate between paying rent and actually being able to move in.

* Write your own information notecards for the rent boxes and teleport boxes: tell them why your rentals are unique, and make them feel welcome: set "*give" to yes, and put a few welcoming gifts in your rent boxes. The better residents feel about moving in, the longer they'll stay!


Shan Bright
Chief Executive Officer