Bright Primerisima

A luxury modern starter home in 10 prims!


In February 2007, after a few weeks in Second Life, I bought my first plot of land: a classic 32x16 512m2 plot in Keundott. I rezzed a freebie house, and was horrified to find it took up 45 - over a third - of my 117 prims.

So I decided to build my own. I wanted two floors, stairs (or at least a ramp - these were days before sculpties, when individual steps were an unthinkable extravagance), an elegant modern look... and to use no more than 10 prims.

It wasn't easy. Back then, prims were limited to 10m a side. There were a few "megaprims" around, all created by the famous "Gene Replacement" (aka "Plastic Duck"), but the vast majority of megaprims wouldn't enter Second Life until another unintentional loophole was left in the server code for a few glorious days early in 2008. And Linden Lab were frustratingly gnomic about whether they would ever remove megaprims used on mainland.

So I stuck to 10m prims, built until I had something more like a home than a box, rezzed it, and enjoyed the 107 prims still left.

Visitors seemed to like it. I gave several away. Soon I decided that it might be fun to *sell* them. I packaged the "Primera" - Spanish for "first" - as it was my first build, and, well, it was made of prims.

And so the Bright Corporation was born. I moved on to other products, and placing 14 Primeras on rented land on Eon, soon opened my first rentals.

Five years later, and the Bright Corporation offers over 50 products, employs staff, has completed countless custom builds, and offers over 500 rental homes, from apartments to huge private domes. And while most of the rented Primeras have been replaced with more featured buildings, a few long term tenants chose to keep them, and still rent Primeras.

It still makes me smile when I see the building as I travel around the grid.

But times have changed. 64m prims allow larger builds with fewer prims, and our more recent buildings offer settings menus which allow you to change individual textures, or the decor of your whole home, as easily as clicking a light on or off.

So it was time to rebuild the Primera. The new model offers more space, menu-driven decor, but still fits on a standard 16x32 512m2 plot - and is now only 5 prims.

But to celebrate our 5th anniversary, we are releasing the original Primera free, under a new name: the "Primerisima" - Spanish for the "first ever" :) (And those who bought the original Primera can contact me for a free upgrade to the new model.)

Enjoy your Primerisima. And if you decide on a larger home (though one which will still fit on a 32x16 512m2 plot) with even fewer prims, and a decor menu, the new Primera is still for sale from the Bright Megashop.

And THANK YOU to all the customers, tenants, and friends we've met in five years. Here's to five more Bright years :)


There are almost no instructions. Put it where you want it, click the door to open it, walk in... that's it!

By default, the door will only open for you, and members of the group your Primera is set to. To change this, click the door, hold the button down for two seconds, and release to display the door settings menu...

Welcome: enable a welcome message for visitors clicking the door
Doorbell: sound a bell and announce the name of visitors not granted access
Autoclose: set the period after which the door will close if left open (or to disable)
On closing: switch the sound of the door closing on and off
On opening: switch the sound of the door opening on and off
On locked: switch the sound of the any failed attempted to open the door on and off
Access: switch access between all people, members of a group, or only you
Set closed/Set open: change the door's open or closed position (only needed if rebuilding)


Shan Bright
Chief Executive Officer