Bright Primera

A modern home in 5 prims with scripted texture changing, fits 16x32 512m2 plots!


The Bright Primera is the perfect, modern, two storey home, amazingly designed in only 5 prims!

It measures 32m x 16m, and so will fit on the classic 512 square metre plot of that size: and leave you 112 of the 117 prims such a plot supports to rez furniture, toys, plants, art, a helicopter on the roof... all the comforts of home!

Inside, two spacious floors (with over 750 square metres of floor space) are connected via a stairway with wide, individually sculpted steps.

Outside, a patio, perfect for sun chairs, plants, or al fresco dining, lead up via an external stairway to a small landing and an upstairs door.

Clicking the stairs calls up a menu which lets you change the decor.

Click "Schemes" to choose a decorating schemes. Choose "Office" while you're working, "Chilled" for a relaxed evening, "Nighttime" for a romantic sunset look, or any of 12 predefined looks. The Primera makes changing the whole mood of your home as easy as flicking a light switch.

Or click "Change" to change individual textures - for walls, floors or door - to any of over 100 predefined textures.

Rez it on the ground to enjoy the Second Life landscape, or way up in the clouds as a skybox to enjoy perfect privacy.

You will not find a more comfortable, well designed home in Second Life without giving up twice (if not four times, or eight times) the number of prims.


Shan Bright
Chief Executive Officer