Bright Prim Manager

Returns prims when rezzers leave, lets visitors count/return own prims, & more!


The Bright Prim Manager will continuously scan a parcel of land, automatically returning prims to anyone who rezzes outside the rules you specify.

You can "whitelist" or "blacklist" up to 25 individual avatars by adding their keys to a notecard. Prims will never be automatically returned to whitelisted owners, but always be returned to those blacklisted.

The system can be set to one of three modes, which will determine how it handles prims rezzed by people not listed in the notecard at all. It can return them, ignore them, or allow them to remain until the owner leaves the region.

This last mode is perfect for sandboxes, where you will wish to allow people to rez, but may not want them to leave things behind which taking up both space and prim capacity.

You can even set a minimum period for which avatars must be absent before their prims are returned. For instance, if you set this to 15 minutes, then if a visitor crashes while working on a build in your sandbox, they will still have time to login in again and return to the sandbox before their work is returned to their inventory.

The system also offers a "test scan", which will tell you how many prims *would* be returned, and to which owners, were you to switch it on. Using this, you can avoid unintentionally returning objects to someone you had accidentally forgotten to whitelist.

Nor will the system ever automatically return *your* prims, or prims belonging to the group owning the land (if the land is group-owned). But you can use it to manually request a return of your own prims if you wish.

Your visitors can click the Prim Manager themselves to obtain a count of how many prims they have rezzed, and (if they wish) to have them returned to their inventory.

Whether your aim is to allow rezzing only while visitors are present, to blacklist a few people in a space you'd like to keep open to others, or simply to offer visitors a way to count and return their own prims, the Bright Prim Manager makes it possible.


To unpack the system, find the object "Bright Prim Manager (boxed)" in your inventory, and drag it onto the ground to rez it. Right-click the box to access it's pop-up menu, and select "Open" to display its "Contents" window. Click the "Copy To Inventory" button at the bottom, and a new folder - also called "Bright Prim Manager (boxed)" - will be created in your inventory.

This will contain a notecard (holding this guide), and two objects:

Bright Prim Manager - CONTROLLER
Bright Prim Manager - SERVER
Bright Prim Manager note

Rez both the CONTROLLER and the SERVER.


The SERVER is the box which will actually return prims, when instructed to do so by the CONTROLLER.

To do this, it has to be owned by the owner of the parcel of land on which it stands.

If the server detects that you do not personally own the parcel, it will warn you. If it is owned by another avatar, you will simply not be able to use the system there. If it is group owned, you will need to transfer the ownership of the server to the group - that is, "deed" it to the group.

To deed the server, right-click it to access its pop-up menu, select "Edit" to display its edit window, click the "Share" box, and then the "Deed" button.

(Note that to deed something to a group, you must be a member, and have the "Deed objects to group" ability. Also, you must deed the server for it to work on group-owned land, *even if* you own the group which owns the land.)

Once the server has detected it is owned by the parcel owner, it will ask you for permission to "Return objects on your behalf". Click "Yes".

The text on the side of the box will now show "This server is online and ready to return prims".


Click the CONTROLLER, and *hold down* your mouse button until the settings menu appears:

Autoscan: OFF
Owners returned: BLACKLISTED ONLY
Owners absent after: 5min
Return reports: ON
Floating text: ON
Whitelisted/Blacklisted: 0/1

Edit the 'OWNERS' notecard inside this object

Prims owned by YOU, or by WHITELISTED owners,
or deeded to the  LAND-OWNING GROUP on group
owned land, are never returned.


Click [OWNERS] to determine which prim owners will have their prims returned. The setting will cycle between three options:

1. "BLACKLISTED ONLY": only avatars specifically blacklisted will have their prims returned.

2. "BLACKLISTED & ABSENT": blaclisted owners, and owners who are no longer present in the region, will have their prims returned.

3. "BLACKLISTED & UNLISTED": all owners not specifically whitelisted will have their prims returned.

Click [ABSENT+1] and [ABSENT-1] to increase or decrease the time an avatar must be absent before their prims are returned. (Note that this setting only makes a difference if the system is set to return to "BLACKLISTED & ABSENT" above.)

The minimum absence is 1 minute, as this ensures the avatar has been detected as absent during at least two scans, preventing an accidental return in the event that Second Life should simply glitch temporarily during one scan.

Click [REPORT] to enable or disable report messages from the system whenever prims are automatically returned.

Click [TEXT] to switch floating text above the controller and server on or off. The floating text above the controller shows its settings, and the floating text over the server shows the results of the last scan.

Click [TEST SCAN] to receive a report showing which prims *would* be returned if the system were to be switched on.

Finally, click [ON] when you are happy with the settings described above. The system will automatically run a test scan, and then show the following dialog box:


*** Please check results in chat. ***

Make sure nothing will be returned which you weren't expecting to be returned.

Are you sure you wish to switch autoscan on?

[YES, ON!] [No]

If you are happy with the results of the test scan, click [YES, ON!].

Once on, autoscan will check the parcel once every 30 seconds.


Whitelisting an owner will ensure the system never returns their prims, unless they specifically request it to do so.

Blacklisting an owner will cause the system to return their prims whenever they are detected.

As the system's owner, you are automatically whitelisted.

To whitelist or blacklist others, you first need their UUID. Some viewers (including Firestorm) will show this in their profile, but unfortunately the default Second Life will not. However, you can open your IM history with the avatar, right-click their name in the transcript, and select "Copy SLURL to clipboard". If you then paste this into a notecard, you will see something like this:


The UUID is the part after "agent/" and before "/about" - in this case, this is Governor Linden's UUID: 3d6181b0-6a4b-97ef-18d8-722652995cf1

Right-click the controller to access its pop-up menu, and select "Open" to display its contents window. Then double-click the "OWNERS" notecard to open it, and you will see:

! Add one key per line, prefixed by "+" to WHITELIST, or "-" to BLACKLIST.
! Leave lines blank if you wish, and use "!" to prefix comment lines.
! You can list up to 25 keys (eg. 5 whitelisted, 20 blacklisted).

! Add names or comments after the key if you wish: eg.
-89556747-24cb-43ed-920b-47caed15465f   Joe Plywood is blacklisted

To whitelist Governor Linden, add the following line:

+3d6181b0-6a4b-97ef-18d8-722652995cf1 Governor Linden is whitelisted

The plus sign ("+") at the beginning of the line means they have been whitelisted. To blacklist someone, change this to a minus sign ("-").

You can write anything you like *after* the UUID, and the system will ignore it. If you wish to leave yourself a note about a particular avatar, you can do it here: but we recommend you record at least the avatar's name, so if you ever need to change or remove their line, you'll know which it is.


All of the menus and options above are available only to you, as the system's owner.

However, *any* avatar - including you - may click the controller (a short click, without holding down the mouse button as you did to access the main menu) to see how many prims they have rezzed, and (if they wish) to have them returned to their inventory.

The front of the controller therefore carries the following text:

Click here to see how many
prims you have rezzed on this
parcel, and optionally to have
them returned to you now.

When a visitor clicks the controller, they will see the following dialog box:

Your prims on this parcel: 35

Click [RETURN] to return your prims.


Clicking [OK] will simply close the dialog box.

Clicking [RETURN] will cause any prims on the parcel which they own to be returned to their inventory.

Note that this feature will work even if the autoscan function is currently "OFF".

The controller is modifiable, and shows the message above on all its sides: if you wish to advertise this feature to your visitors more prominently, by all means resize the controller to be larger, and rez it centrally in your location.


* Each controller/server pair will scan only a single parcel. If your venue is divided into different parcels, you may wish to set different rules on different parcels: for instance, only a few whitelisted people to rez in one parcel, while public rezzing is allowed in another.

* Consider leaving a reasonable period before returning prims to absent owners. Allowing 15 minutes, say, will probably make little difference to prim usage in your venue, but will allow an avatar who has crashed to log back in and continue their work.

* If you don't want or need the system to automatically scan for or return anything, simply leave "Autoscan" switched OFF, and set up the server and controller to allow visitors to count and optionally return their own prims.


Shan Bright
Chief Executive Officer