Bright Packer

Pack your products in a single prim, unpackable anywhere, even in no-rez areas!


Most products consist of more than one item: such a collection of textures, or an outfit including a top, pants, and shoes. Even if you have made something linked like a vehicle, you probably want to sell it along with a notecard and a landmark to your shop.

Unfortunately, most vending machines only sell single objects: so you must drop these items into a prim, 'boxing' them.

The problem is, when the customer receives the box, they have to *rez* it to open it. You might not allow people to rez things in your shop, and they may have to teleport away just to get the box open.

As long as you sell *copyable* items, the Bright Packer offers a solution. Drop your items into a prim, add the Bright Packer script, follow a few setup instructions, and then give the prim to someone or sell it through a vendor. The person receiving it can open it *anywhere*, even in a no-rez area!

It works because even in no-rez areas, avatars are allowed to *wear* prims. The Bright Packer script creates an invisible prim with a name ending in "(WEAR TO UNPACK)". All the recipient has to do is right-click it and click "Wear". The prim will automatically unpack its contents into a folder in their inventory, and detach itself instantly. Because it is invisible, and is only worn for a moment, noone will see it.


1. Create a prim and name it after the product you plan to put inside, eg. "Private Jet".

2. We *recommend* you set the prim's "next owner" permissions to allow copying, but not modification. (This makes it likelier that the recipient will keep a copy of the original pack in their inventory to unpack again if they damage or lose the contents. Being copyable means it will not disappear from their inventory if they rez it, and being no modify will prevent them damaging or deleting the items inside.)

3. Drop the items you wish to distribute into the cube: eg, the jet itself, and the instructions notecard. You must have copy and transfer rights to these items, and the next owner must have copy rights.

4. Drop in the "(Bright Packer #999 (C) Shan Bright/Bright Corporation)" script. The cube will turn into a rainbow coloured shiny ball with floating text over the top. If there are any problems with the package or its contents, you will be warned. (#999 is a version number and will vary.)

5. Say "/1 ready".

6. Right-click the ball, so that the pop-up menu with the "Take" option is visible on your screen.

7. Wait 20 seconds for the ball will become invisible: then click "Take". (If you need to make it visible again - to change the contents some more, for instance - say "/1 reset".)

8. The pack "Private Jet (WEAR TO UNPACK)" will appear in your inventory. You can now give this to people, or put it in a vendor to sell.

If you need to work on the pack some more, just rez it. It will become visible again, and you can change it or its contents as you need. Then repeat steps 5-8 to take it again.


We provide a sample pack for you to open. It contains a few coloured prims and a notecard. Try it:

1. Open your inventory and search for "Bright Sample Pack (WEAR TO UNPACK)".

2. Right-click and click "Wear". It is invisible, and detaches itself automatically immediately, so you won't see it.

3. You will be offered a folder called "Bright Pack Sample". Click "Keep".

It's as simple as that: no rezzing, no box on your head, and it will work *anywhere*, even in a no-rez area.


What if someone ignores the "(WEAR TO UNPACK)" in the name and just rezzes it? Try it:

1. Drag the "Bright Sample Pack (WEAR TO UNPACK)" from your inventory onto the ground.

2. It will become visible again, and you will see floating text saying "JUST CLICK TO UNPACK!". Click.

3. You will be offered a folder called "Bright Pack Sample". Click "Keep".


* Do right-click the pack and have the pop-up menu on the screen before saying "/1 ready". That way it will still be selected, and easy to take, when it turns invisible. You may think you know where it is: but if you miss and "take" what's behind it, you might take your floor or your whole skybox.

* Don't be impatient and take the pack before it turns invisible. If you do, it will still be visible when the recipient receives it. When they "wear" it, the script will realise the prim is being worn and make it invisible again: but it takes a moment and doesn't look as pretty.

* Pack generously! Include a notecard with useful information, a texture with a picture of your product, and a landmark to your store! You may even want to include demos of other products!


Shan Bright
Chief Executive Officer