One-Prim Furniture

A range of one-prim furniture, with colour & sizing scripts and multiple poses.


Linden Lab make their money by charging us for *land*: and the more prims we want to store, the more land we need.

Whether you own a parcel of land, or have a "Linden home", or you rent a private house or apartment, you'll quickly find that the lovely freebie sofa you found on Second Life Marketplace actually contains 62 prims and takes up more than half your prim space.

Here is a solution: a complete range of attractive, detailed, co-ordinated, and consistently and well-scripted furniture - each item of which is a single prim - containing all the basics your home needs.

No pose balls: your sofa can seat three without rezzing any sneaky extra prims. No temp-rezzing.

Each item contains a menu which allows you to easily change its size, or choose from a range of colours, or (in the case of wooden furniture) wood textures. Additionally, the fireplace has a blazing particle fire, the lamps can give of light and have variable "dimmer" switches, the two art frames each contain 24 prints of modern and classical art respectively, all the seats allow either one sitters, with a choice of poses, or multiple sitters, and the bed offers relax, chat, and a full range of sex poses.

In terms of use, the items fall into two classes: things you sit on, and things you don't.

You'll know things you sit on as when you run your mouse pointer over them, it will be replaced by a chair symbol. If you click, you will be seated. If you click while seated, it will offer you a choice of poses. To change the colour or size of an object like this, stand up, right-click, and select "CHANGE!". You'll be offered a menu of colour and size changes.

To change the other items, click them and *hold down* your mouse button: after about a second, a menu with a choice of colours and size changes will appear.

The complete range is as follows:

Bright 1PF - Art, classic
Bright 1PF - Art, modern
Bright 1PF - Ball chair
Bright 1PF - Beanbag
Bright 1PF - Bed, double
Bright 1PF - Bedside cabinet
Bright 1PF - Bookcase
Bright 1PF - Ceiling fan
Bright 1PF - Chair, wooden
Bright 1PF - Coffee table, wooden
Bright 1PF - Divider screens
Bright 1PF - Fireplace
Bright 1PF - Floor lamp
Bright 1PF - Garden chair
Bright 1PF - Garden table
Bright 1PF - Rug, rectangular
Bright 1PF - Rug, round
Bright 1PF - Sculpture, hummingbird
Bright 1PF - Shelves, modern
Bright 1PF - Suite, leather, 2-seater
Bright 1PF - Suite, leather, 3-seater
Bright 1PF - Suite, leather, armchair
Bright 1PF - Table lamp
Bright 1PF - Table, wooden, rectangular
Bright 1PF - Table, wooden, round
Bright 1PF - Wine bottle
Bright 1PF - Wine glass

Each item is copyable, so rez as many as you need. As they are one-prim items, you'll have plenty of prim space :)


Shan Bright
Chief Executive Officer