Bright Moderna

A sleek modern apartment in 8 prims: rez as a home, or stack into a tower block!


The Bright Moderna is a sleek modern apartment, carefully designed to be distinctive and characterful in only 8 prims!

A single Moderna can be rezzed on the ground, or placed high in the clouds to provide the perfect sky box. It fits a 48m x 16m plot: just rez it, and change its X/Y coordinates to the centre of your parcel.

Alternatively, to create an attractive apartment block, shift-drag the Moderna vertically to create a new one above it at the same X/Y coordinates, but 8m higher on the Z axis. Repeat to create as many floors as you wish!

Inside the Moderna, a long spacious floor has a deep, curved, bay window to the front, and flat glass window to the rear. Click this rear window, and it will slide up into the ceiling, opening the apartment to the railed, rear balcony.

Clicking the short central wall, in front of the bay window, displays a menu which allows you to instantly change the decor.

Click "SCHEMES" to display a menu of predefined looks - "COOL" for pale wood floors and walls, "MEDSTYLE" for Mediterranean tiled floors and frosted glass, and so on.

Click "TEXTURES" to display a menu of individual surfaces to retexture, such as "WALLS", "FLOOR", and "CEILING". Choose one to be offered the type of surface to apply ("WOOD", "FABRIC"...), with 9 options within each. The number of possible combinations is enormous.

As a place to live or work, as a single apartment or a towering modern block, the Moderna offers style with minimal land impact. Rez, move in, and use your land capacity to furnish it for the perfect Second Life!


Shan Bright
Chief Executive Officer