Bright Cybertruck

Electric truck, drives & flies, driver + 4 passengers, colour changing, & more!


The Bright Cybertruck is drivable, flyable, electric vehicle.

It's fun to control, tested on the roads of countless Second Life roads and race tracks to ensure comfortable handling. Five gears allow manageable low speeds on narrow tracks, or greater power for racing.

The Bright Cybertruck has an an old-school, non-mesh, prim-built chassis, suiting its bare, angular appearance.

It generates realistic sounds, from the murmur of the air conditioning while it sits idle, to the hum of road noise recorded from the inside of a real world electric vehicle. You can also open and close the front and rear windows, switch the animated windscreen wiper on or off, and sound the horn as you drive. Menus enable easily changed camera positions, varying the distance and height from which you see your car as you drive.

And it flies! Select flying mode, and the wheels will turn sideways and fire downward thrusting jets, allowing you to hover and move through the air like a drone. Then switch back to driving mode whenever you wish to land back on the ground and drive on.

You can drive alone, or take up to four passengers, as the truck has five seats: two in the front, and three in the back. For everyone's entertainment, the car offers two screens, one in the front, and one in the rear. Either can be used as a working TV, showing an interactive browser connected to the Bright TV website which has links to many video and audio sources, but which can be navigated to any website. Or the front TV can be disabled, switching back to a fixed display, to avoid distracting you as you drive.

Instantly change the look of your car by selecting a new colour for the body (and the matching interior trim) from a colour menu, selecting from a range of license/number plates, and showing or hiding the grungy "Bright Cybertruck" logo on the rear gate.

The Bright Cybertruck is the ultimate futurist, urban vehicle: drive, fly, and have fun!


To unpack, find the object "Bright Cybertruck boxed" in your inventory, and drag it to the ground to rez it. Right-click and "Open" to show its contents window, and click the "Copy To Inventory" button at the bottom to create a new folder in your inventory, also called "Bright Cybertruck boxed".

Inside this folder you will find two items:

Bright Cybertruck
Bright Cybertruck note (this manual)

Drag the Bright Cybertruck to the ground to rez you car.


Right-click and select "GET IN!" to drive the car.

To control the vehicle, press the cursor keys: up and down to move forwards or backwards, and left or right to steer. You will start in the first of five gears: press Page Up or Page Down to switch between gears. Lower gears offer easy control, while higher gears allow more speed.

Any passenger can join you in the car by right-clicking a vacant seat (other than the driver's seat) and selecting "GET IN!".


Click the Cybertruck anywhere to display its menu.

[Drive/Fly] [Eject]
[Horn] [Wiper] [Front TV]
[Controls] [Colour] [Plate]
[Camera] [Get Out] [Help]

DRIVE/FLY: Switch between driving and flying modes.

EJECT: Unseat all your passengers. (Handy if someone has got into a passenger seat without your permission.)

HORN: Sound the horn.

WIPER: Switch the windscreen wiper on or off.

FRONT TV: Enable TV on the front screen. There are two screens in the car: one in the front, the other in the rear. The rear screen is an interactive browser viewing the Bright TV website, with links to many video and audio sources. As long as your viewer enables in-world web media, you can use this to stream entertainment or view websites. The front screen initially shows a static display of the car itself, but can be switched to show Bright TV using this menu option.

CONTROLS: Displays a menu allowing you to open or close the front and rear windows, open or close the truck bed, lower or remove the rear gate, or show or hide the graffiti-style car logo on the gate.

COLOUR: Displays a menu of car colours: Steel, Grey, Black, Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Gold, Grape, or Bronze. Choosing an option will colour both the car bodywork, and the matching interior trim.

PLATE: Displays a menu of license or index plates: "Bright 1", "Brazil", "Batman", "Girl Power", "FIC", "Europe", "Ska", "Jolly Roger", "I <3 SL", "USA Flag", or "Union Jack".

CAMERA: Displays a menu of camera positions. The camera is usually set behind and above the car as you drive, allowing you to see yourself and the environment around you. This menu lets you choose how far from the car the camera is (Normal/Far/Very Far), and how high it is (Normal/High/Overhead).

There are also two special options: "Lock Cam" fixes the car position in place, so that the camera is always pointed towards you, but does not move as you drive. The effect is like seeing your car from the vantage point of an observer on the ground outside it, and can give you a better view of your own vehicle as it moves, and can be useful when creating machinima. "SL Cam" disables the car's control of your camera entirely, allowing Second Life to control the camera as it normally does. This will usually leave you seeing the back of the driver's seat and is not often useful: but it can be handy if you have some other scripted attachment you wish to allow to control your camera position.

GET OUT: Unseats you from the car. It is equivalent to clicking the "Stand" button in your viewer.

HELP: Opens your browser to show the Bright Cybertruck product web page, which contains this manual.


If you are in an area where you cannot rez, you can *wear* your cybertruck instead.

FIRST, DISABLE YOUR AO. The truck will not work well as an attachment if you have a normal, walking animation.

Then, find the "Bright Cybertruck" in your inventory, right-click it, and select "Add".

The truck will attach itself to your avatar, and you will be positioned in the front seat, in a driving pose. Feel free to adjust the position of the vehicle as you would adjust any attachment.

Then simply move as usual, using your cursor keys. As you do, the engine will sound, and the wheels will turn, as if you were driving. If you fly, the truck will automatically switch to flying mode, with downward thrusting jets and a hovering sound.

Note that all SL attachments are "phantom", so they will not collide with other objects: the truck will simply pass through people and things. And while worn, the truck cannot take passengers.

But otherwise, the effect will look much as if you were driving the car normally. You can press Control+R to switch your avatar to "Always Run" mode for a little extra speed as you move, and even teleport while wearing your car.

All the menus options explained above (apart from "Drive/Fly" and "Eject", which are not needed) will work while wearing your car.

To remove it, either right-click and select "Detach", or select "Get Out" from the menu.


* Try the different colours! When you rez your cybertruck for the first time, it will have an unpainted "steel" colour, but it looks *gorgeous* in different colours. Choose your favourite!

* Experiment with the camera positions. For instance, while racing, you may find a "Far" or even "Very Far" camera distance allows you to see more of the road, and more of your competitor's cars, giving you an edge: and a "High" or even "Overhead" view can be a strategic advantage. Or if you just want to see how cool you look driving your car as seen by observers around you, try locking your camera position and watching yourself from outside as you drive.

* Take your friends for a drive! The Cybertruck can hold five - you, and four passengers - and its the perfect way to tour a site together, travel Second Life's inter-regional road netowrk, or just drive or fly around having fun.

* Rez the car as scene dressing. The car is perfect decorative furniture for your home driveway, or outside your shop or club, or parked on a city street: and its grungy, scifi look suits itself to any futurist venue. It's copyable, so rez as many as you need!


Shan Bright
Chief Executive Officer