Bright Cuffs

Fur-lined leather & steel LockGuard/LockMeister aware cuffs, chain to BDSM toys


Every Second Life submissive should wear cuffs. They look sexy, they are a proud symbol of BDSM sexuality, and they add an extra depth to play.

In public dungeons across the grid you can pose your body on racks, crosses, or any of a thousand bondage devices. What you may not realise is that on many toys, if you are wearing cuffs, chains will appear to bind your wrists & ankles. The effect can be very striking: adding realism to your confinement.

The toy and the cuffs are often made by different people, so they have to communicate using a common language or "protocol". Most toys speak either "Lockguard" or "Lockmeister": and Bright Cuffs understand both.

(Naturally, Bright Cuffs also work with the Bright Corporation's own BDSM toys too: ours speak "Lockguard").

Bright Cuffs can also be chained to each other, or to any nearby avatar or object, whether or not they are designed to be used with cuffs!

Best of all, Bright Cuffs are free, and supplied with copy/trans, so you can wear them yourself, and give copies to others: so spread the love!

They are also modifiable, but in your inventory, they will be listed as "no modify", because the scripts they contain are protected: but this will not stop you resizing, retexturing, or otherwise modifying the cuffs themselves as you wish.

Bright Cuffs: bound to please.


Drag "Bright Cuffs boxed" from your inventory onto the ground to rez it. Right-click it, click "Open", and when a window appears listing the contents of the box, click "Copy To Inventory". This will create a new folder in your Inventory, also called "Bright Cuffs boxed".

In here, you will find four objects:

    Bright Cuffs left ankle
    Bright Cuffs left wrist
    Bright Cuffs right ankle
    Bright Cuffs right wrist

To wear them all, right-click the folder and click "Add To Outfit": but please note that they will replace anything you are already wearing on your wrists and ankles.

To remove them, right click them - on your avatar or in your Inventory - and click "Detach".


Depending on the size of your avatar, the cuffs may not be perfectly positioned around your wrists or ankles.

To adjust a cuff, right-click it, and click "Edit...". Red, green and blue arrows will appear: drag these to move the cuff into the right position. If it needs to be rotated, hold down your Control key and three circles will appear: drag these to turn the cuff. Finally, if it is too large or too small, hold down your Control and Shift keys together, and six little white cubes will appear around the cuff: drag these to make it larger or smaller.

Once the cuff looks right, right-click it, click "Detach", and then "Wear" it again. Second Life will memorise the updated size and position, and you won't need to adjust it again.


Click any cuff to display the following menu.

    Click [COLOUR] to choose a colour,
    or choose to what you wish to chain your right wrist.

    [collar right] [COLOUR]
    [collar front] [collar back] [collar left]
    [left wrist] [left ankle] [right ankle]

Click [COLOUR] to display this menu:

    Please choose a colour.

    [black] [grey] [white]
    [red] [green] [blue]
    [cyan] [magenta] [yellow]
    [<BACK] [pink] [gold]

Choose a colour. All the cuffs you are wearing will be set to the new colour.


If you sit on a LockGuard or LockMeister enabled BDSM toy, chains will attach themselves to your cuffs automatically.

However, you can add chains to your cuffs manually. Begin by clicking the cuff you wish to chain. For instance, clicking the cuff on your right wrist will display the following menu:

    Click [COLOUR] to choose a colour,
    or choose to what you wish to chain your right wrist.

    [collar right] [COLOUR]
    [collar front] [collar back] [collar left]
    [left wrist] [left ankle] [right ankle]

To run a chain to another cuff, choose it from the menu. For instance, click [left wrist] at the menu above to chain your right wrist to your left.

If you are wearing a Bright Collar (see below), you may click [collar front], [collar back], [collar left], or [collar right] to run a chain to one of its loops.

To chain your cuff to a nearby object click [OBJECT], or an avatar click [AVATAR]. A menu of suitable objects or avatars will be displayed. You can run a chain to any object - even if it is unscripted, and even if it does not belong to you. The chain will run to the centre of the chosen object or avatar, and will not restrict your movement: it is purely a visual effect.

To simply remove a chain from the chosen cuff, chain it to [NOTHING]. (If the chain doesn't disappear, it may be running from another cuff. Try removing it from the other end!)


The Bright Collar is another product - also free, copyable, and transferable - available from the same sources as the Bright Cuffs.

If you are wearing a Bright Collar, then the colour changing menu will also change the collar's colour to match the cuffs.

Also, the facility to run chains between cuffs and loops on the collar will only work if you are wearing a Bright Collar. Other collars do not support this feature.


* Wear the Bright Collar! It is designed to match your cuffs, will automatically change colour when you change your cuffs' colour, and allow chains to be run between its loops and your cuffs.

* Experiment with shackles! Run a chain from your collar's left and right loops to your left and right wrists, from there to your left and right ankles, and finally from your left ankle to your right. Or again, from your left and right collar loops to your left and right ankles, and then from your left wrist to your right, and your left ankle to your right.

* BDSM is an emotionally powerful passion, much misunderstood, and practised in Second Life by lovers with differing levels of experience. Make sure that you and your partner understand that it should be Safe, Sane, and Consensual. Even in Second Life, we are only *physically* safe. Behind each avatar is a human being who is as emotionally vulnerable as they would be if you were with them in person. The environment is virtual, but you and they remain live human beings, and if the feelings you share are real enough to give pleasure, they are real enough to hurt.


Shan Bright
Chief Executive Officer