Bright Classic Furniture

20 item suite of low prim designer furniture: with colour changing menu!


This collection was first released in 2007: before mesh, before even sculpties. Everything in-world was built in-world, by stretching, slicing and twisting cube, sphere and donut prims.

Our aim was to provide attractive, modernist furniture, using the fewest prims possible. However, using sculpties, we now offer "Bright One-Prim Furniture" through our Megashop.

But this collection retains its clean, geometric line and old-school feel, and we are proud to release it free to all Second Life residents.


The range includes 20 items of modern designer furniture, with the following features:

LOW PRIM: Ingenious design ensures low prim doesn't mean low quality.

CLICK TO SIT: To sit in a chair (or use the shower), simply click. No need to right-click and choose "Sit": though this still works for those who are used to it.

ADJUSTABLE SITTING POSITIONS: Simply right-click any chair (or the shower) and click "Touch" to access a menu to adjust your position or angle. These menus can be made accessible to all, only to your group, or disabled.

CHANGEABLE COLOUR SCHEME: Click the "rainbow sculpture" to display a colour menu of red, green, blue, yellow, purple, cyan, white, and black. Choose one, and your furniture will change to use the new highlight colour instantly.

COPY/MODIFY: Rez as many of each item as you need, and edit them as you wish!

(The scripts inside some items are "no modify", so they will appear "(no modify)" in your inventory, but when you rez them you'll find you can edit them.)


The suite includes...

SOFA, 4 prims, curved with two cushions with male and female sit poses

COFFEE TABLE, 3 prims, oval, glass on a steel base

LOUNGE CHAIR (MALE), 2 prims, male sit pose
LOUNGE CHAIR (FEMALE), 2 prims, female sit pose

BALL CHAIR, 4 prims, the sixties classic: the perfect place to sit and chill!

DINING TABLE, 3 prims, round, glass topped, with a steel base

BAR, 3 prims, a curved bar, perfect either free-standing or in a room corner
BAR STOOL (MALE), 2 prims

SIDE TABLE, 3 prims
SHELF UNIT, 4 prims

FIREPLACE, 4 prims, a friendly oval fireplace with a warming animated flame and red glow
RUG (A), 1 prim, designed after the work of Russian artist Vasily Kandisky
RUG (B), 1 prim, another Kandisky, again textured into a warm fabric rug

BED, 5 prims, click pillows to lie down
SHOWER, 7 prims, just click to turn on the water and walk in

SCULPTURE (HORN), 3 prims, a curl of highly tactile stone, with a rotating red sphere in its centre - elegant and fascinating: emits light
SCULPTURE (RAINBOW), 2 prims, a twist of rainbow, caught into a prim, and with gently, constantly moving stripes of colour, emitting light: click to access colour scheme menu!


Shan Bright
Chief Executive Officer