Bright Box of Trippy Art

25 trippy, groovy, & funky art prints in scripted slideshow capable frames


The "Bright Box of Trippy Art" is a collection of 25 trippy, groovy, & funky art prints imported to Second Life from from

Each image is mounted on a single prim frame, with modify rights (so you can resize it to suit the space in which it is hung) and copy rights (so you can hang it in more than one place).

Clicking a frame opens a menu. This allows you to select *any* of the images in the collection, change how they are displayed (size, border, brightness etc.), or start a slideshow.

(Unlike most slideshow systems, this does not ignore the fact that the images are differently shaped, and automatically adjusts the aspect ratio of the prim to show you each image undistorted.)

The menu carries the following buttons:

[>] displays the next image.

[<] displays the previous image.

[list] displays a menu listing the image titles, with a button to select each.

[dimension] determines which side should be kept a fixed length as the frame resizes to accomodate each image. It calls up a new menu with [height], [width], or [longer] buttons. If you choose to fix the height, for instance, the frame will change its width to match the proportions of each image as it is displayed.

[size] sets the length of the side fixed above, to any value between 0.5 and 10 metres.

[border] allows you to display a black bevelled edge around each image, setting its width as a percentage of the size of the image, from 0% (no border) upwards.

[mode] calls up a new menu offering a choice of [static], which displays a single fixed image, [sorted], which slideshows the images in the order they are listed, and [random], which chooses each new image to display by chance.

[delay] allows you to choose how long each image is displayed during a slideshow: between 5 seconds and an hour.

[brightness] calls up a new menu with buttons [bright], which causes your image to appear brightly lit independently of the time of day in Second Life or any local lighting, or [dull], which allows Second Life to light your image normally.

[text] switches on and off "floating text" showing the name and number of the image being displayed.

[access] allows you to control who can use this menu, the options being [owner], which restricts it to you, [group], which allows only members of the frame's group to use it, or [anyone], which allows public access.

[help] gives you a copy of this notecard.

Note that the Bright Frame will display whichever textures you place inside, and is copyable and modifyable. You are quite welcome to make copies in which you add or remove textures from the collection provided, or even replace them entirely, so as to enjoy the flexibility described above in hanging and displaying other image textures you may have.


Shan Bright
Chief Executive Officer