Bright Bear

A cute teddy bear from Bright Corporation: rez, wear, colour/size menu & more!


Hi! I'm Bright Bear.

Rez me and I'll sit on the floor looking cute.

Wear me and I'll ride on your shoulder making *you* look cute.

Just say "/1 you are Toni Bear" to change my name to Toni Bear.

Make me talk! Say (for instance)...

/1 Hello everyone!

...and no one will hear you, but they'll hear *me* say...

[12:47] Toni Bear: Hello everyone!

Click me for a menu with the following buttons...

[Fur], [Belly], or [Shirt] change the colour of my fur, my belly and paws, or my T shirt.

[Channel] chooses which channel you can use to speak to me (channel 1 to begin with).

[Size] makes me anywhere from 20cm tall - teeny tiny - to 256cm tall - probably bigger than you!

I am copyable and transferable. Give me to your friends!

I'm perfect for all children: from 3 to 90 :)


Shan Bright
Chief Executive Officer