Bright 8-Bit Dancer

Cute, sexy, interactive, animated dancing girl: retro-tech art on single prim!


The Bright 8-Bit Dancer is an animation of a dancing girl on a single transparent prim.

"Pixeleen" is a cute, bosomy dancer rendered in a retro, pixelated, 8-bit style, and you can configure her to dance clothed, in her underwear, or naked. The prim is double-sided, and the back shows Pixeleen's sweet bottom.

Optionally, you can allow visitors to click her, change or remove her clothing, or make her dance faster or slower. The change is temporary: after 30 seconds (or whatever period you specify) Pixeleen will revert to the clothing and dancing speed you originally chose.

You can also specify how tall she should be, and whether she should appear normally lit, or "fullbright".

This fun and sexy figure can be rezzed anywhere you'd like to add a little life and atmosphere. Put a row of naked dancing girls on your venue's stage, or rez one by the door of your club, on inside your shop. Or take her home :)


Find the object "Bright 8-Bit Dancer boxed" in your Inventory, and drag it onto the ground to rez it. Right-click to display its pop-up menu, click "Open" to show its content window, and click the "Copy To Inventory" button at the bottom. This will create a folder also called "Bright 8-Bit Dancer boxed" in your Inventory.

From this folder, drag the object "Bright 8-Bit Dancer" onto the ground. Pixeleen will appear, and start dancing for you.

Click her to display the following menu:

Hi Cutie :) xx
Get me free from the Bright Adultshop.
I'm Pixeleen, the Bright 8-Bit Dancer!
Visit us at

Click to change my outfit, or how fast I dance!
(Changes will last 30 seconds.)


Click [FASTER] or [SLOWER] to change her dancing speed, or [CLOTHED], [UNDERWEAR], or [NAKED] to change her outfit. These changes will last 30 seconds.


The [SETTINGS] button will only appear on the menu when you click: other residents will never see it.

Click [SETTINGS] to display the following menu.

Normal outfit: CLOTHED
Normal speed: 20 frames/second
Reversion to normal: 30 seconds
Click access: ANYONE may click
Height: 180cm
Fullbright: YES


Click [OUTFIT] to change Pixeleen's normal outfit. If you allow others to temporarily change it using the menu above, this is the outfit to which she will revert.

Click [SPEED] to display the following dialog box:

Current normal speed: 20 frames/second

Please enter a speed of 10-50 frames/second.

[                             ]
[                             ]

The number you enter will control the speed at which Pixeleen dances. Again, if you allow others to temporarily make her dance faster or slower, this is the speed to which she will return.

Click [REVERSION] to change how long temporary changes to Pixeleen's outfit or dancing speed last. A dialog box similar to the one used to enter speed above will appear. You may enter a period of anything from 10 seconds to 3600 seconds (an hour).

Click [OWNER] [GROUP] or [ANYONE] to specify who may click Pixeleen to change her outfit or dancing speed. [ANYONE] allows any resident access. [GROUP] restricts access to those whose active group matches the object's group. [OWNER] reserves access to you alone: and removes the words "(Click Me!)" from the floating text carrying Pixeleen's name over her head.

Click [HEIGHT] to display a dialog box into which you can enter Pixeleen's height in centimetres: from 50 (0.5 metres) to 500 (5 metres).

Click [FULLBRIGHT] to switch "fullbright" on and off. Making Pixeleen fullbright will mean that her colours will appear at full intensity even when the Second Life environment is dark. Switching this off will mean she will be shaded as other objects are.


Shan Bright
Chief Executive Officer