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Shan Bright
Chief Executive Officer


20dec22 May your days
be Merry and Bright!

This is the 16th Xmas the Bright Corporation has celebrated in Second Life: celebrated merrily, but in recent years with a gently increasing bewilderment that Second Life continues to be here. As Zuckerberg is well on his way to bankrupting Meta (and with it Facebook) to create a metaverse which no one wishes to visit, we must concede that Linden Lab's strategy of doing nothing - while its users make Second Life an interesting place to be - is as much genius as it is torpor.

So please enjoy the 16th Shan Bright/Bright Corporation Xmas Greeting Thingies. Each takes the form of an SL book, which you can wear as a HUD, or rez and read in-world.

The "general" book is a Second Life edition of O. Henry's timeless Xmas story "The Gift of the Magi", suitable for all ages.

The "adult" book is definitely not suitable for all ages, but is possibly even more timeless.

We do try to send cards to all friends and customers, but if you haven't received one already, we're sorry: do please collect one. The general is available at the , and the adult at the .

Santatrix Shan Bright, and all the elves at the Bright Corporation, wish you a very Merry Xmas, and a Bright New Year!

01nov22 New Freebie:
Bright Frame

Take that weird collection of textures and snapshots you've accumulated in your inventory, drop them into the Bright Frame, and hang it in your home. It will show a slide-show, and it will even run multiframed animations. And you'll have a passive but powerful way of warning your visitors about what you're into: so if they stay, that almost counts as consent*.

Amazingly, it's free. If you feel guilty taking such a useful and beautifully scripted thing without paying for it, though - and you should - feel free to send money. We won't be offended.

(* Absolutely not true.)

29oct22 New SL Viewer: "Genesis"

The longer one has been in Second Life, the less likely one is still using the official Second Life viewer.

Perversely, one of the main reasons is that we prefer viewers which look more like the Second Life viewer looked back when we used to use it. Over time, each release of the official Second Life viewer has looked less and less like the Second Life viewer, and users have abandoned it for viewers that look more like the Second Life viewer than the official Second Life viewer does. So much so that its developers are finally reintroducing Second Life viewer features - such as the old profile windows, announced as Everything Old Is New Again - to try and win us back from alternative Second Life viewers which never abandoned them in the first place. Like Firestorm.

There is now a new unofficial viewer called Genesis, again demonstrating residents' dislike of the way the official version has wandered. It's developers write, "Back in May, we began work on a modern and up to date version of a 1.23 style viewer." (Note, the official version is at version 6.6 - so we're going back a long way to recapture a loved release.) Genesis is now available for download, and as well as the old-school interface, promises a lighter footprint, better performance on smaller systems, and neat tricks such as opening particular inventory folders as separate windows. We haven't tried it yet, but we thought you'd like to know.

A disturbing, lifeless vision of Mark Zuckerberg. And his avatar.

And to Linden Lab... guys, shouldn't this tell you something? Stop trying to make SL look like a web browser. You've tried convincing businesses that virtual reality isn't a toy, and that they can safely come and be corporate here, and had about as much success as Mark Zuckerberg is currently having saying the same. Accept that it's different, and different jobs require different tools. And love the users you have, and build on what attracted us to attract more, rather than pining for a bland, generic, social ubiquity you'll never have.

Don't be like Mark.

26sep22 New Freebie: Bright Book Of "Winnie-the-Pooh"

"'What day is it?' asked Pooh.
'It's today,' squeaked Piglet.
'My favourite day,' said Pooh."

Ours too. It is with indiluted joy that we announce the release of the Bright Book of "Winnie-the-Pooh", A. A. Milne's unforgettable adventures of the Bear of Little Brain.

This classic entered the public domain this year, and we have transcribed the entire text into this 158 page edition of the 1926 original, complete with E. H. Shepard's unforgettable illustrations.

The book was created with the Bright Book Creator, which allows anyone to publish books in Second Life with their own name as creator. But whether you are interested to see what the creator can do, or whether you just long to reread tales of 100 AKER WOOD, we hope you enjoy the book.


12sep22 New Product:
Bright Texture Organiser

Do you want to be happy?

Do you have a lot of textures in your Second Life inventory?

If you answered yes to both these questions, you need the Bright Texture Organiser.

It's lovely to have a huge choice of textures: to apply to the things you build, or to carry snapshots of people and places in the virtual world. But if you have a folders with hundreds of images, you have to double-click each one to open it simply to see what it contains: unlike your computer's file browser, your Second Life inventory won't let you just browse through a folder full of thumbnails.

But the Bright Texture Organiser will. It can be rezzed in-world, or worn as a HUD, and is modelled on PC file browsers. On the left is a list of scrollable list of folders, which you rename, add to, or delete at will. Click a folder and thumbnails of the textures it contains will appear in the centre. Click any of these, and a large preview is shown on the right.

Double-click textures to "select" them, or select by searching their names, and move, copy, or delete textures. They can be transferred to other folders, to other organisers, or back to your inventory in folders. Deduplicate a folder's textures automatically. Apply scaling and animation to previewed textures, and even apply them to your builds without removing them from the organiser. And rezzed in world, the organiser can optionally be set into "giver" mode, to distribute your textures free, or "vendor" mode, to sell them!

Happiness is the Bright Texture Organiser.

At least, it is if you have a lot of textures. And if you don't, get some. Then you too can know the happiness of organising them. Just think of it.

(For detailed information about the organiser not dressed up as a solution to the serenity of the human soul, click here.)

10aug22 Bright at Quantum
Kittens' Cybercity

In 1935, Erwin Schrödinger described a thought experiment to illustrate a paradox he saw in the "Copenhagen interpretation" of quantum mechanics. A cat is locked, hidden from view, in a box. Also in there is a device which will poison the cat if a particular quantum level event - the nuclear decay of a single atom - takes place. The atom is thought to be in a "superimposed state" until observed, both decayed and undecayed. Erwin asked, does this mean that "Schröinger's Cat" is also superimposed, both alive and dead?

Second Life researcher Astrid Saphir established the region to find out. Some visiting the venue had reported suspicions that the team there - variously dressed in latex and leather, and engaging in widespread sexual experimentation involving bondage, power exchange, and teams of highly skilled sex workers - may have got distracted in their work. But the pursuit of knowledge is sacred, and it is not for the layman to question the methods of her pneumatic, squeakily clad scientists, many of whom are available for hire for personal research purposes at very reasonable hourly rates.

One of the Bright Corporation's shops in Cybercity.
Scooter hire free. Curvaceous nuclear physicists cheap.

So important do we believe their work to be that the Bright Corporation has established two shops in Quantum Kitten's central "Cybercity": one offering our general range of products (including free scooter hire), and the other specialising in bondage toys, hypnotic sexual suggestion cages, and other vital scientific equipment.

(For a list of all our shops in Second Life, click here.)

21jul22 Second Life University on
Inventory & Performance

Thirteen years ago, Second Life's official YouTube channel began its struggle to communicate the unique social and philosophical significance of our global, virtual community - over shallow, commercial video games - by uploading a 53 second work called "Shopping in Second Life".

This somewhat shaky start gave way to an unbroken record of shakiness. Today, you'll find 616 videos, and "variable" does not do justice to their spectacular inconsistency. Viewing figures range from a few hundred to over a million. The most viewed are not the best, but you will find some breathtaking glimpses of the skill and beauty achieved by some of Second Life's creators in the mix.

Useful. Don't watch it.

The one we're going to mention is not one of them, but instead a routine but useful video snappily titled "Second Life University Livestream - Inventory Tips with Alexa Linden". Don't watch it: it's half an hour long, and the useful content is summarised better in her accompanying blog post.

One point Alexa makes, though, we did want to mention. At 20:32, she explains that an overloaded inventory can affect performance, particularly on logging in. And it can. But what can you do? In the spirit of the brave makers of "Shopping in Second Life", we ask, surely you're not expecting us to have less stuff? What about our beautiful stuff?

But you can keep all your stuff, and still log in to Second Life without feeling like a woman dragging fourteen suitcases of shoes through airport security, by using the Bright Inventory Box. Each can hold hundreds of items, easily searchable whenever you need them, while only taking only a single line in your inventory.

You might assume that we've offered this rather mixed review of Second Life's Youtube simply to persuade you to buy our product. And that is transparently true. But once you have bought it, do check out the channel. There is some lovely stuff there, and you may find some of the "Second Life University" videos useful. And perhaps we've been unkind to "Shopping in Second Life". Virtual beauty and community have their place, but shopping is shopping. And with a Bright Inventory Box, you can shop even more. So do.

(For more information about the Bright Inventory Box, click here.)

04jun22 New Bright Minishop
in "Ayuda Virtual"

The Bright Minishop in Ayuda Virtual

When we discovered the friendly and fabulous region through this article on the Linden Blog, we knew we had to be there, even if Shan's Bright's profile laments "Languages: English, y suficiente español para confundirte." (English, and enough Spanish to confuse you.)

Ayuda Virtual is a Second Life Gateway, designed to help Spanish-speaking residents get started in our virtual world: but is worth seeing whatever your language. "He who reads a lot and walks a lot, sees a lot and knows a lot." (Don Quixote).

Our thanks to founder Damian Zhaoying and manager Úrsula Lecker (ursula2021) for their help in setting up our latest freebies-only minishop. Visit them, and visit us while you're there!

Damian Zhaoying

Cuando descubrimos la amigable y fabulosa región a través de de este artículo en el blog de Linden Lab, sabíamos que teníamos que estar allí, incluso siendo el perfil de Shan's Bright de "Idiomas: inglés, y suficiente español para confundirte".

Ayuda Virtual es un miembro del Poryecto Second Life Gateway, diseñado para ayudar a los residentes de habla hispana a iniciarse en nuestro mundo virtual: pero vale la pena verlo sea cual sea su idioma. "El que lee mucho y anda mucho, ve mucho y sabe mucho." (Don Quixote).

Nuestro agradecimiento al fundador Damian Zhaoying y a la gerente Úrsula Lecker (ursula2021) por su ayuda en la creación de nuestro minishop de obsequios. ¡Visítalos y visítenos mientras estés allí!

02jun22 New Usergroup Freebie:
Bright Prim Manager

If you run a venue where you allow your visitors to rez - such as a sandbox - the Bright Prim Manager will let your visitors count how many prims they have rezzed, and request their automatic return. It will also (if you wish) return their prims automatically once they have left your region.

You may have relied on parcel "return time" to return objects a set number of minutes (or hours) after they were rezzed, but that's little help if someone has dumped a sprawling prefab mansion across your landing point and then simply left: if you've set a return time of four hours, it will be there for the next four hours. The Prim Manager, on the other hand, will notice that they aren't in the region anymore, and return their items: and all without inconveniencing builders who wish to spend an afternoon on your land by setting a very short return time.

It can also "whitelist" and "blacklist" individual residents, send you notifications of any automated returns, and do much more. Click Bright Prim Manager for more information about this freebie, collect yours free from the , and to join our usergroup to receive all such freebies the day they are released, click here!

10apr22 Hobbit Holes
in a Bright Sky World

For fifteen years, Bright Corporation Rentals have offered a virtual home from home to thousands of Second Lifers. These range from apartments and chalets to entire "Sky Worlds": huge private domes in which residents may rez a home we provide, or one they have purchased or built themselves.

We've seen everything from treehouses to mansions, and caravans to castles, but these homes seemed rather special, and - with the residents' kind permission - we wanted to share them with you.

These "Hobbit Holes" - inspired by the homes of the mythical Hobbits of Lord of the Rings - are irresistably charming, and carefully placed among trees and flowers to great effect.

Inside, the warmth and detail are gorgeously domestic.

As the Second Life mantra has it: Your World, Your Imagination. If you have a home you particularly love, you are welcome to rez it in a Bright Sky World: which provides a wide choice of sky and ground textures to set it in, and 600 prims of space for your buildings, scenery, and furniture. For more information about our rentals, click here.

29mar22 New Product:
Bright Gallows

Whether you are building a town from the old American West, a darkly themed, gothic dungeon, or a dystopian post-apocalyptic city, the atmosphere will be deepened by the addition of a Bright Gallows.

This is a gallows system, which allows you to rez a single stairway leading up to a row of any number of scaffolds, the appearance of which can be changed using a menu-driven texturing system. They can be arranged in a long line of dangling nooses, or arranged using corner walkways into an L shape, a U shape, or a square. You can erect a single, weathered wooden scaffold in the corner of a one-horse town, or an unending row of nightmarish steel platforms in the centre of your virtual autocracy.

Solo visitors may hang themselves - a unique tourist experience - or a single executioner may control any or all the scaffolds, executing multiple victims singly, or simultaneously. And if yours is an erotically themed venue, the Bright Gallows allows them to take terrible advantage of their prospective victims, with a range of built-in sexual animations.

Additionally, the system's menus, and the range of sexual and hanging options, may be modified without scripting by renaming animations to adjust their positioning, or replacing them, removing them, or adding your own: and the system's sound effects - of trap-doors and creaking ropes - may also be changed. While the gallows allows many opportunities for roleplay out of the box, if you are the kind of Second Lifer who took your toys apart as a child, you'll have lots of scope to tinker.

Read a full description of this extraordinary device here: and see Bright Gallows for yourself at the .

And give it a try. You know you want to.

(The Bright Corporation would like to express particular thanks to the unique LadyDragon Kazan for the animating work she contributed, and several members of the Second Life roleplaying community - particularly the lovely Rob Cloud - for their ideas and advice in creating this product.)

29jan22 Linden Lab review of 2021

Not exactly hard-hitting 2021 was a dramatic year for Second Life, seeing the death of Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg, the acquisition of the company by an investment group led by Brad Oberwager and Randy Waterfield, the departure of VP of engineering Oz Linden, and much else.

As Second Life stubbornly refuses to either become a socially ubiquitous virtual equivalent to the World Wide Web (as the Lindens had originally hoped it would, and Mark Zuckerberg is now aiming for through Meta and probably missing), or just curl up and die (as has been confidently predicted by some of the more bitter Second Lifers every year since 2008), a certain frustration has always been evident in the company's various announcements and hints on direction. While Linden Lab's 2021- Second Life Year In Review is scarcely a hard-hitting, open-eyed analysis, it is worth a read. One gets the feeling though, whatever strategies have been made by Second Life's various owners and execs over the years, that - to misquote John Lennon - Second Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans.

22jan22 Shan on The Unmutual:
'The Prisoner' and SL

The Unmutual is a fan website for the late 1960s cult British TV series, The Prisoner.

Created and run by Rick Davy, it has featured a number of references to Second Life, which has hosted several recreations of "The Village" in which the program was set. When Rick asked us to provide a brief introduction to SL, which he might post so that his readers could see the virtual world for themselves, we were delighted to help. His post The Future's Bright for Second Life (thanks for the title, Rick) can be found here, and links to the page Shan Bright provided here.

Catty Erde's 'Second Village'While the series starred Patrick McGoohan, an equally starring role was played by "The Village" itself. Though its location was never revealed in the storyline, filming took place in Portmeirion, on the coast of north Wales: designed by architect Clough Williams-Ellis as a holiday resort, and a statement on humanly proportioned spaces and "architectural good manners".

To our knowledge, three creators have independently built virtual tributes to Portmeirion in Second Life, and Shan Bright - herself a Prisoner fan - created the website for one of these: Catty Erde's "Second Village". While the Second Village no longer exists, we have archived the website here.

'The Village in SL', created by Ashlee Cadell

The latest virtual Portmeirion - - was created by Ashlee Cadell, and is exceptionally faithful to the real world original. It is a beautiful build, well worth visiting even if you've never heard of either Portmeirion or the series set there: but if you are a Prisoner fan, it is a must.

If you've never seen The Prisoner, do if you can: it can still be found on DVD, and is available through the BritBox streaming service. The series was an imaginative and vivid allegory for the struggle for freedom of the individual within society: visually exotic, cleverly scripted, and unforgettable. If you'd like to know more, you can read a summary of the plot and episodes on the archived "Second Village" website here to get you started, and then do dive in to Rick's in-depth reporting of the history of and community around the series at The Unmutal.

15dec21 Feliz Navidad, Frohe Weihnachten, Feliĉan Kristnaskon, Merry Xmas!

Another year, another couple of mutations of the COVID virus reminding us that opposing thumbs and intelligence are no guarantees of biological planetary supremacy. And this is not how I ever expected to begin a Xmas greeting.

Is there any chance, perhaps, that a common, viral enemy might encourage humanity to step fractionally closer to the ideal of universal cooperation and love which Xmas - though grimly commercialised and exploited - has always somehow hinted of?

In the words of that symbol of hope and wisdom so many turn to at this special time of year - Jean Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise - let us "make it so".

And please enjoy these - the 15th Shan Bright/Bright Corporation Xmas Greeting Thingies. This year, they take the form of two SL books, which you can wear as HUDs, or rez and read in-world.

The "general" book is a republication of the 1912 edition of Clement Clark Moore's "Twas the Night Before Xmas", complete with original illustrations.

The "adult" book just as Xmassy, but with more bosoms.

We do try to send cards to all friends and customers, but if you haven't received one already, we're sorry: do please collect one. The general is available at the , and the adult at the .

From Santatrix Shan Bright, and all the elves at the Bright Corporation, we wish you a very Merry Xmas, and a Brighter New Year!

03dec21 New Product:
Bright Book Creator

The Bright Book Creator lets you create books. (We pride ourselves on our product titling skills at the Bright Corporation.)

Collect together your textures: two for covers, one for a spine, and one for each page, and turn them into a copy/trans book object, carrying your name as "creator", and which you can give out, or sell, as you wish.

People can rez your book to read in-world, or wear it as a HUD, and it comes complete with a settings menu which can change the height of its pages from 50cm to 12m, the aspect ratio anywhere from 2:1 to 1:2, and control many other features. You can create a table of contents, allowing people to turn directly to any specified page, and add "tabs" sticking out from the sides of pages, or clickable "hotspots" within pages, which can send messages, give items, open web pages, and so on.

Pages can even show animations.

All you need is the book creator, and your own textures. Once you have these, you can make as many books as you wish, without paying any royalties or any other fees. Nor will you have to distribute your textures themselves, or even unencrypted texture UUIDs.

Whether you wish to publish novels, books of poems, magazines, product catalogues, art books, photo albums, guides to your venue, or any other form of information or entertainment - each containing up to 256 pages - the Bright Book Creator lets you do so without building or scripting. Just follow the instructions in the guide, and once you've created your first book, you'll quickly understand how it works, and be able to create as many more as you wish.

To demonstrate the creator, we have used it to publish "The Tale of Peter Rabbit". Beatrix Potter's timeless tale of the naughty rabbit has been translated into 36 languages and sold 45 million copies, making it one of the best-selling books in history. Our edition includes the full text and original illustrations: we hope you enjoy it.

We have also released the Bright Bookshelf. This piece of furniture will display a (scrollable) row of book spines, and when any of these is clicked, the corresponding book will be rezzed on the reading slope. You can load the bookshelf with books you create using the creator.

The bookshelf is shipped complete with an 11-book set of textures created by the legendary, and much missed, Torley Linden. These textures have been widely available in Second Life for some years, but having them in book form makes them easier to browse, either simply as art, or to select textures for your building project. Each page has a white tab next to it: click this for a full perms version of the texture illustrated on that page.

Books are cool. Your books will be very cool. Get the Bright Book Creator, and create them.

(Click Bright Book Creator for more information about the creator, or Bright Book of the Tale of Peter Rabbit or Bright Bookshelf for the accompanying freebies, or see them for yourself at the .)

12nov21 The Beeb revisit
Second Life

Creamy hunk of white chocolateWhen that gorgeous hunk of corporate beefcake Mark Zuckerbeg speaks, the world's panties moisten, including surprisingly racy hot-pink ones with Real Journalists Do It With Multiple Sources embroidered across the bottom, which I am convinced are issued to all BBC staff in line with Ofcom regulations. (I have no evidence of this, but it would explain the quiet, knowing smile of George Alagiah on the Six O'Clock News.)

Among those wriggling and pulling them up tight was one Joe Tidy, credited as a "cyber reporter": a term which implies that the Beeb still rather views the Internet, which has become the shared mind and nervous system of humanity, as still being a quirky nerd hobby, distinct from the real world. Anyway, when creamy hunk of white chocolate Zuckerberg changed his company's name to "Meta", and expressed their aim of establishing a "metaverse", Joe remembered Second Life as sounding a bit like that, and revisited after an absence of 10 years.

He was midly surprised to find us still here, and in a short piece had little to say: the graphics aren't up to much, Roblox is a lot bigger, and shockingly, when he searched for "sex" he found links to places where people offered him... sex. Worse yet, you could get sex for money: an exchange which was apparently impossible before broadband.

Illustration from BBC article, capitioned 'It's not hard to find events and zones aimed at adult audiences in Second Life'. I can't help thinking it looks from a scene from BBC One's primetime show "Strictly Come Dancing": are the BBC pushing porn?

Joe says "I caught glimpses of the moderation challenges that Second Life faces. Those would be amplified if a metaverse went mainstream." Apparently, it is a problem that if you search for sex, you might find it. Or is his fear that the sex workers he met were being trafficked and forced? I suppose it's not absolutely impossible, but it seems unlikely. Frankly, there's little money to be made in a world where almost anything you might clutch your pearls about people wanting is so readily available for free. And is it not far more certain and more terrible that sexual exploitation is happening on a huge scale offline?

The problem is not "moderation". It is social and political. Humans will do online what they do offline. Every new piece of technology gives us greater power to do what we do anyway. So the place to solve social problems is in society: our metaverse will be as good, or bad, as our world. But there seems to be some idea here that while human poverty, exploitation, and violence are just an unsolvable part of life in reality, we should at least be able to use "moderation" to create a safe, sanitised online world with nothing... distasteful in it.

And it does seem to be a matter of taste, not ethics. Joe doesn't express any fear that the lap dancers he searched for, and teleported to visit, were being exploited: merely that they were, you know, lap dancers. What he discovered was that if you give people anonymity - and physical safety - many will use it to explore their own sexual fantasy. For some reason, this is, in itself, a problem. A problem that requires "moderation", and by a technological omnipresence which can peer into what every individual is saying and doing in a way which the mediaeval Catholic Church could only have dreamed of.

It is ironic that he interviews an SL resident he called Rei who specifically tells him that he doesn't like Zuckerberg's vision, because what Rei says is equally a criticism of Joe. "They'll want to control everything. But I think the people should be in charge and it should be fully open." Good for you, Rei. Joe didn't get you, but I did.

DreamboatBut I must go. My inflatable Mark Zuckerberg has just arrived from Jeff Bezos's Amazon. Oh Jeff, you too! Why are these online tycoons all such... dreamboats?

(Click here for Joe's article. I've been a bit horrible to him, but I suspect he's probably quite nice.)

21sep21 New Usergroup Freebie:
Bright Mailbox

Some will have heard tales of "mail", an ancient, paper based technology so primitive that it was replaced by "email", which is itself ancient.

Of course, we still have a postal service, but it is for parcels, because no one has yet worked out how to electronically download robotic carpet cleaners and battery powered sex toys.

Literally no one sends mail any more. If you believe you still receive it then I am sorry to tell you that nothing you experience is real, as unbeknownst to you, you have been in a coma since 2007.

But thanks to the Bright Mailbox, those still conscious can now experience the earthy, primitive thrill of mail in Second Life. Write a message in a notecard, drag and drop it into a mailbox, and then wait a few days in the hope that it isn't lost, stolen, or eaten, along with the postal worker carrying it, by ravening wolves. Just like mail in the old days.

Ok... we had to make some concessions to modern convenience. The Bright Mailbox can notify you when someone posts you mail, and instantly forward the notecard to your inventory. It can even email you the contents of the notecard, so you can read it even if you are not "in world". And it's entirely wolf-free.

So it's not really quite like mail. But we call it mail, and we've shaped the mailboxes to look like old mailboxes, so it's all retro and cool. And that's what matters.

Just a woman and her postbox.
The timeless romance of physical postal infrastructure.

You can even set up Bright Mailboxes for other people: so if your venue is home to a community of residents, you can give each of them their own mailbox, creating an entire postal network: with consolidated reports of the locations and contents of all your mailboxes.

But we keep all this cleverness in the background. Your visitors will just see an old-fashioned postbox. And they'll be able to send you notecards as mail, like we used to in real life. And we all like that kind of thing. Or why would we be in Second Life at all?

Oops, must go. My Amazon Orgasmovibe Carpet Robot is being delivered.

(Click Bright Mailbox for more information about this freebie, collect yours free from the , and to join our usergroup to receive all such freebies the day they are released, click here!)

29aug21 Avatars of the World, Unite!

The Bright Corporation is proud to announce a historic trade agreement with the Communist Party of Bruola, and pledges eternal friendship to the people of the Bruolan Socialist Republic, and their indefatigable leader, Premier Edward Kalonski!

This proletarian utopia is the work of Comrade Wacky Hijinks, and offers a huge and extraordinarily detailed virtual vision of a twentieth century, East European, Warsaw Pact society. Whether you see it as socialist propaganda, as a satire on socialism, or as socialist propaganda cunningly disguised as a satire on socialism, it is an extraordinary experience and a Second Life "must see".

Join the Communist Party
Liberate humanity, and save 10% on all Bright products in the Lenin Mall

And as a result of our negotiations with the Bruolan government, if you visit the city of Gradistok, and make your way to the glittering Lenin Mall, you'll find a Bright Corporation shop, offering our range of products and services, and with a 10% discount to Communist Party Members!

Comrade Shan Bright showing 99.9% agreement

Cynics might question what we, a capitalist megacorporation, could possibly have in common with a revolutionary socialist state: and yet, we found we were almost entirely in agreement with the aims of Comrade Kalonski's government. They wish to abolish all capitalists. We wish to abolish the 99.9% of capitalists who aren't the Bright Corporation.

Why should friends quibble over a 0.1% difference?

The Bright Shop in the Lenin Mall is at . For a list of all our shops, click here.

19aug21 New Bright Minishop on Maria's Dream Island

Maria's Dream Island is beautiful, atmospheric, and darkly disturbing: like Audrey Hepburn carrying a scalpel.

Teleport there and you will find yourself in the back of a military transport plane, from which you will parachute (or simply fall several kilometres if you decline the introductory "experience"), only to be harassed by a huge brown bear on hitting the beach. After this, things get strange.

Naturally, we had to be there, and are proud to announce the opening of the latest Bright Minishop near the island's landing point.

Visit us while you're visiting them.

And don't cross Audrey. She just don't care.

This new Bright Shop is at . For a list of all our shops, click here.

04jul21 Happy Birthday USA

The Bright Corporation wishes all our US friends and customers a happy fourth of July.

Of course, as a British company, we have mixed feelings about the event commemorated. A bloody war of independence seems a high price to pay for spelling reform and the abolition of manual transmission in motor vehicles.

Automatic Torque Conversion via Planetary Gearsets... Fuck Yeah

But having recently alienated the entire continent of Europe, doubtless our government is showing more than usual friendliness to its former colony: the international equivalent to a drunken late night call to an old boyfriend after breaking up with the current one.

So we thought we'd do our bit towards transatlantic reconciliation too.

Have a wonderful day, USA.

And remember: you can't be a neighbour without "u". (No, we have no idea what this means either.)

20jun21 A Place for Trans People

A source of human solidarity
and tasteful pastel iconography
Every now again, even Shan Bright - Goddess and CEOtrix of the Bright Corporation - must take a break from relentless self-promotion and ruthless profit-seeking, and acknowledge that other people stubbornly continue to exist.

Today, this brief holiday from solipsism recognises Shilo Ravenhurst, and her Transgender Resource Centre.

We read about it in the Second Life Community Blog, and rather than reproduce their article, we invite you to check it out here.

The TRC is a Very Good Thing, and we wanted you to know about it.

Now get back to reading about us again.

10may21 Apps To Run Your Life

The concept of the 'app' - a piece of 'application' software installed on your smartphone to demand your attention and dominate your life - has now been extended to scripts installed into collars worn by Second Life submissives to perform exactly the same function.

Learning to 'Think Different'

The only difference is that collar apps monitor and control your behaviour with a wholesome honesty of purpose and respect for explicit consent which neither Google nor Apple have ever even approached. Oh, and they are all free.

The Bright Collar uses the Open Collar engine, and so is compatible with these apps: if you have one, check out the apps at Github, and the Open Collar documentation on them at opencollar.cc.

If you don't have a Bright Collar, but rather fancy the idea of one, get it free from the .

It's true: the Bright Collar will give another person a great deal of power over you. But unlike your iPhone or Galaxy Fold'n'Break ™, it will let you choose who that person is.

19feb21 Bright AO
at the Free Dove

Palomma Casanova and Shan Bright
placing the Bright AO at the Free Dove
Perhaps the most common emotion felt on one's first day in Second Life is simply bewilderment. We are bewildered by the techology, the controls, and the environment.

(This fades as we become familiar with the new world, and we are bewildered instead by the people in it. Which is odd, if you think about it, as the people are the same people we meet in "real life". It's just that they behave in SL the way real people do when they know no one knows who they are.)

We explore. We try to understand. We look for free stuff. And if we're lucky, we end up at the .

For 17 years, Palomma Casanova's wonderful and reassuringly friendly shop has brought together designers offering gorgeous freebie avatars, clothes, and accessories, and the bewildered noobies (and discerning old-hands) who need them.

Shan Bright was one of those bewildered noobies in 2007, when she first teleported into the embrace of the kindly bird. In a somewhat delayed but deeply felt gesture of thanks, the Bright Corporation has added the Bright AO to the range of accessories offered by the Dove. We have also opened a new Bright Minishop in the grounds around the main store.

Whether you are new to Second Life, or have been here long enough to remember Wednesday downtime and "system hair", it is worth visiting and revisiting. Thank you Palomma!

(For a list of all our shops, click here.)

18feb21 BrightCorp Investor
Arina Wins L$1000

Arina Lisle. Windswept and lovely.How would you feel if a complete stranger approached you in the street and asked "May I be your friend?" In everyday life, it doesn't happen too often: but in Second Life, it does, and I'm clearly not the only one who finds it odd.

Arina Lisle is also slightly creeped out. "I'm friendly and like meeting interesting ppl. So don't hesitate to say hi", her profile says, but "I accept no random friendship offers and group invites. Ask me first, thanks for understanding."

Good advice. Don't do it. To anyone, that is, not just Arina Lisle, however windswept and lovely she looks.

However, we asked no permission before sending Arina a L$1,000 voucher for winning our Bright Corporation Investors prize draw.

Join Bright Corporation Investors too! It's free - all you invest is your moral support - and we regularly choose a member who has our Megashop in their picks to receive L$1,000 store credit. Just visit and click the investors sign. Even if you don't win the L$1,000 prize, we send out 'dividends' in the form of quality freebies to all our members.

14feb21 New Bright Minishop in Arbordale

We are proud to annouce the opening of the latest Bright Minishop in .

Arbordale is an "urban grungy/post apocalyptic" themed town, beautifully imagined and constructed, and popular with teen avatars. As there are young people, they ask "No drama, no nudity, be nice, have a good time."

Shan Bright scoots through Arbordale. With her clothes on.

We have also donated a Bright Scooter Rezzer, which stands by our shop near the landing point. Here, you can rez a gorgeous Bright Vela scooter for free, and explore the gritty urban setting on two wheels. Just, you know, not naked.

(For a list of all our shops, click here.)

30jan21 Bright TV
Film Guide Updated

The Bright TV and Radio can play any video, or Shoutcast radio stream, supported by Second Life. As long as you have the URL, you can peer into your Second Life and see your avatar watching scenes from your first life.

The TV comes complete with a regularly updated media guide, and each January we make a special attempt to add new content: particularly classic films. Amongst those added this year are Rage at Dawn, an old school western from 1955 starring Randolph Scott, The Inspector General with Danny Kaye from 1949, based (loosely) on Nilolai Gogol's extraordinary comedy of the same name, and the intensely atmospheric Oliver Twist from 1948, directed by David Lean and starring Alec Guinness, based on Charles Dicken's novel.

(Don't have a Bright TV? See it for yourself at the . And buy one. And another one for a friend. Go on, they'll love you for it.)

25jan21 Bright Freebies now at Helping Haven

A shout out to Lily Swindlehurst of Helping Haven (helpinghaven.weebly.com), one of Second Life's loveliest resources for new residents. (The Haven, we mean. Not Lily. Lily is not a resource for new residents, even if she is lovely.)

Aside from advice, training courses, and other diversions, the Haven offers stores packed with freebies from leading SL creators, and now includes the full range of G-rated Bright Corporation freebies.

Visit them in-world at

For the A-rated ones, you'll need to go to our Adultshop. It's ok. We won't tell.

(For a list of all our shops and freebie outlets, click here.)

08jan21 Bright Hypnocages and BDSM Toys at FFU

J0ri Tokyo's , as the name implies, is a salon which takes an exhilaratingly assertive approach to "makeovers".

With its deeply pink decor, and frankly alarming equipment, the FFU absorbed "Wendy LeMay's Estate" which some may remember, and has been changing lives since 2006. You can learn more at ffubroadcasting.blogspot.com.

Bright Hypnocages at the FFU: Turn on. Tune in. Wear pink.

The FFU has now installed several versions of the Bright Hypnocage, and a number of items from the Bright BDSM Toys range.

Visit. Immerse yourself. Lose yourself. Find yourself.

There's a good girl.

05jan21 Linden Lab Sold

Rather oddly hidden at the bottom of a Linden Lab Featured News blog post titled Life in the Cloud, and mainly about Second Life's transition to Amazon cloud storage, is the announcement that Linden Research Inc. itself has new owners: read it here.

A "group led by Randy Waterfield and Brad Oberwager" has just finalised their purchase of the company.

New LL directors: Brad Oberwager, J. Randall Waterfield, and Raj Date

This somewhat muted annoucement says little about these buyers, or their plans for our world: indeed, it emphasises "business as usual", while hinting at "more resources in 2021 to further improve and grow Second Life".

Naturally, the brightcorporation.net website will maintain it's policy of fierce editorial independence, even if we depend on continued access to Second Life to remain in business at all.

But Shan Bright, for one, welcomes our new corporate overlords, and notes what strangely good-looking boys they all are, who look sure to be friendly to the needs of virtual businesses run by short, red-haired women.