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Shan Bright
Chief Executive Officer


11jan16 New Product!
Bright Visitor System

Though marketing consultants will tell you otherwise, attracting visitors to your venue is easy. Offer good products if you run a shop. Offer fun times if you run a fairground. Offer bad times if you run a dungeon. Above all, offer boobs.

On your advertising. On your staff. On you. Soft, warm, and bouncy.

Jiggle it, and they will come.

Surprisingly more difficult is to know exactly how successful you are being. You can't be there 24 hours a day to check numbers: and unlike RL, visitors are coming from every time-zone on earth. For all you know, your busiest time may be at 5am in your local time, when your unsuspected but huge Estonian fanbase log in.

If you are investing time, money, and creative effort into attracting visitors, don't let it go to waste for lack of real feedback. The Bright Visitor System will sit quietly at your venue noting the time of every arrival and every departure: to the venue as a whole, or to each separate area within it.

It will email you reports every hour, day, or week - or at any interval you choose. And it will tell you how many visits you have had, and how long they lasted: since the system was installed, and since the last report was run. Optionally, they can even include the name, key (or "UUID"), arrival time, and departure time for each individual visitor.

You can even have reports sent in CSV format, so you can load them into a spreadsheet for analysis.

Optionally it can also welcome guests, give them landmarks, notecards or free gifts, and even say goodbye to them when they leave. Or just sit, silently recording every minute's activity.

As any serious business owner will tell you, you cannot improve what you cannot measure. Measure the success of your venue: and improve it.

And never stop jiggling.

(For guidance focused less on the CEO's libido and more on this extraordinarily powerful product, click here: Bright Visitor System)

07jan16 New Freebie:
Bright Classic Furniture

From the age of universal sports bras

Before mesh, before sculpties, before shared media web-on-a-prim, when virtual reality used to close down every Wednesday morning for "planned maintenance" and far more frequently than that when another hamster died on the wheel powering the server, Second Life was a simpler place. No land impact, no Zindra, no avatar physics.

That's right. A world without bouncing boobs.

And it was a more geometric, flatter, pointier place in general. Because the only way to make anything was out of prims. Real prims. Cubes and spheres and donuts. Sliced, twisted, rotated, hollowed, and hammered together to form everything from sleek motorcars to wildly improbable penises: products generally sold to the same people.

It was into this world that the Bright Corporation was born in 2007, and shortly after released our Bright Furniture: a collection of low prim, modernist furniture, reflecting Second Life's abstract, mathematical zeitgeist.

When sculpties became available, we were able to release our Bright One-Prim Furniture, in which every item could show greater detail despite being only a single prim.

But to celebrate as we enter our tenth year of trading in Second Life, we are re-releasing this original, now entirely free, as Bright Classic Furniture: and we hope you will feel, as we do, that the age of the cube and the donut had a certain minimal elegance of its own: even if your boobs now bounce as you throw yourself onto your classic, old-school bed.

(For a higher information to boob ratio, click here. To join Bright Corporation Investors, and receive all our free gifts automatically, click here.)

09dec15 The magic of Xmas
a time for grown-ups

Xmas is a time for grown-ups.

How little do children, as they unwrap their thankfully distracting presents, realise the deep, emotional and spiritual joy which the season offers in the form of idleness, chocolate, alcohol, and consequently drunk and uninhibited adults in party mood. And it is this true meaning of Xmas which we celebrate annually by publishing our now famous Bright Corporation Xmas Greeting Thingy.

In this, our 9th year, we celebrate the soft, bouncy, id-like paradise of soft, bouncy, id-driven women. 26 voluptuous, plus-sized Ms Santas, mostly dressed in Santa Suits which may seem inadequate for snowy weather.

Shan, and all the Bright Corporation elves, wish you a very Xmas - may your inner child enjoy your outer adult, and ideally, someone else's too.

(To collect your Xmas Greeting Thingy, visit our , and enjoy.)

03dec15 Linden Homes
in Meatspace

RL Linden Homes: Low prim

Are Linden Lab, creators of Second Life, now dabbling in the analog, no-lag environment sometimes known as reality?

lindenhomes.co.uk offers '3000 new homes throughout England and Wales': all apparently constructed using matter.

An ever-increasing focus on detail and "realism", which began with the introduction of mesh and the subsequent need for off-world building tools, seems here to have reached its logical peak. While beautifully detailed, however, these properties are difficult to edit, impossible to take into inventory and relocate, and eye-wateringly expensive at around L$300,000,000.

We continue to recommend, instead, the Bright Primera. Instantly changeable textured decor, as at home in the sky as on the ground, and over a million times less expensive.

03oct15 BrightCorp Investor
Netoluse wins $1,000

Even they don't know who they are.Congratulations to Netoluse, who won October's $1000 prize draw!

Some people have a passion for anonymity. The man in this picture, for instance, has welded a huge question mark to his head: though you might think this makes him rather easier to identify.

One such obscurophile is Netoluse Resident, who has no profile picture, no bio, and no welded-on head punctuation: and therefore forces us to ramble in this incoherent way when we need to write about him.

Join Bright Corporation Investors too! We regularly choose a member who has our Megashop in their picks to receive L$1,000 store credit. Just visit and click the investors sign. Even if you don't win the L$1,000 prize, we send out 'dividends' in the form of quality freebies to all our members.

26sep15 Skid Row 2:
austerity returns

Bright Corporation @ Skid Row
Not proven structurally unsound

A few weeks ago, we sadly reported the closure of the much loved residential district and rioting hotspot Skid Row.

But we are delighted to announce it has been rebuilt: bigger, grimmer, and closer to collapse.

Vampish slum-landlady Miranda Mayfair is once again ready to welcome those with a taste for romantic failure.

And for your all your squatting needs, a new but already vandalised Bright Minishop awaits your custom. (Shoplifters will be shot, and payment removed from their still twitching bodies in the form of cash or tradeable organs.)

Visit our new Skid Row store here:

10sep15 New Freebie: Bright Bear

Anything this cute would, in a sane world, be illegal.

So for fuck's sake, rush out and pick up yours before it's banned.

And remember that while the Bright Bear is itself legal, not everything you might do with it is. So be discreet. And don't get its fur sticky.

(For some actual information about this gift - it does have quite a few features - click here. To join Bright Corporation Investors, and receive all our free gifts automatically, click here.)

04sep15 Goodbye Skid Row

Shan Bright pilots the
last chopper out of Faarsign.

The trouble with being poor and living in a slum is that it's horrible.

The simple solution is to be rich, and - as conservative politicians have long argued - we can't understand why more people don't do that.

But if you are rich, and find you still have low-life cravings, or need an gritty, deprived background for your author's bio, the solution is to be poor virtually.

Or at least, it was, for gorgeous & ruthless Second Life slum landlady Miranda Mayfair is now closing the unique Skid Row quarter of the Faarsign region.

Small, wood-and-broken-glass slummettes, with plank floors stretching almost from wall to wall, and window ventilation remotely controllable through the use of a simple brick-like device called a brick, the motto of these creaky boxes was 'There's no building code in Second Life.'

Miranda offered the Bright Corporation a special concession at Skid Row to sell our one prim furniture range, ideal for these rather compact homes. We have been supporting her fun and original vision for nearly seven years.

But Miranda is moving on to new projects. We wish her well, and would like to say goodbye to the cockroaches (who plan to move into Linden "Premium" Sandboxes which frankly deserve them), and the slum tenants, whose fingers Shan had to crush with her heel as they grabbed at the frame of the last chopper, ever, out of Faarsign.

01aug15 New Freebie
Bright Film Posters

If there exist icons as beautiful and evocative as Shan Bright herself - and, let's face it, there don't - they are those which advertise the world's greatest films.

From the elegant chic of the 1942 Casablanca poster to the dramatic minimalism of Vertigo's on the eve of the sixties, each conveys part of the spirit of its age.

On the other hand, if you don't give a stuff about the spirit of the age: on the wall of your home, it also makes you look cool, interesting, and worth sleeping with.

Now that's art.

(For more information about this gift, click here. To join Bright Corporation Investors, and receive all our free gifts automatically, click here.)

06jul15 BrightCorp Investor
RedSarah Illyar wins $1,000

Not an actual fox.Congratulations to RedSarah Illyar, who won July's $1000 prize draw!

With hair redder and frizzier than a fox with its own hair crimpers, and a gaze sadder than that same fox finding there are no power outlets in the forest, adorable RedSarah has to be the foxiest Bright Investor to win our prize draw to date who isn't an actual fox. Oh yes.

Join Bright Corporation Investors too! We regularly choose a member who has our Megashop in their picks to receive L$1,000 store credit. Just visit and click the investors sign. Even if you don't win the L$1,000 prize, we send out 'dividends' in the form of quality freebies to all our members.

11apr15 Updated
Bright Inventory Box

Though it was our third product back in 2007, the Bright Inventory Box really established our corporation's success.

There is barely an avatar in Second Life whose inventory does not look as if the contents of a thousand teenage boy's bedrooms have been tipped into it, and lightly stirred.

The original box allowed items to sorted into containers, stored tidily, and searched for by name. It won rave reviews, and sold thousands. It was updated over time, but we knew we would eventually need to revisit the whole design, and take advantage of all the features added to Second Life over the last eight years.

We are proud to announce the result: a redeveloped and vastly improved box. A new, clickable front-panel allows searches by name, type, permissions, next user permissions, and whether an item was created by the owner. It can distribute items to you, others, or other boxes, and produce reports and statistics. It makes nesting boxes inside boxes simple, like inventory folders. And it optionally allows group or public access to some or all of these features.

It is, frankly, more bouncily exciting than a big girl jogging in a pink, latex body suit: something else a thousand teenage boys would be grateful for.

Get one. (The box, not... you know.)

It's just too good for you not to have one.

(For details of this product for people of all ages and sexes, including big girls in pink latex bodysuits, click here.)

25feb15 Bright Vela &
Bright Scooter Rezzer

Scooters are to motorcycles what Benedict Cumberbatch is to a gorilla.

That's not to say gorillas don't have their own fascination. There are doubtless girls, and not a few boys, who dream of the firm, decisive, confident grip, and natural, unrepentant stench of a lower primate. Or indeed a biker.

But those in search of intimacy without fleas, who are not enslaved by the need to find their inner banana (you know, that sounds much ruder than I intended), generally prefer the smooth sophistication of a scooter, and a scooterist: with the added charms such men and women have, such as a sense of fun, a certain continental European "savoir faire", and a diminished tendency to fling their own faeces.

These rare and elegant attributes are heartbreakingly captured in the new Bright Vela, a scooter even more gorgeous than the real world vehicle on which it is transparently based but which can't be mentioned for fear of trademark lawyers with access to Google.

This transport of delight brings all the joy of RL scootering to SL: with 5 gears, spinning wheels, real scooter engine sounds, and even a distinctive plume of blue-grey exhaust smoke. It also comes with a built-in menu system which allows you to change the texturing, colour, and even level of shininess of each part of the frame, creating more possible looks than atoms in the known universe, and superbly easy to use once you've overcome the crushing sense of existential angst it creates in offering so much choice.

So stop fucking gorillas, and get yourself a Bright Vela. (Why can't all advertising slogans be written like this?)

But there's more!

If you run a venue in Second Life, and wish to attract visitors, install a Bright Scooter Rezzer. This simple board advertises "free scooter hire", and allows your visitors to choose between 18 styles and colour of Bright Vela, rez one, and use it to ride round your land. An infinite supply of the infinitely cool: certain to attract Benedict Cumberbatch almost immediately.

(For details of these products for the very few of you not already convinced, and indeed moist, at the prospect of attracting Benedict Cumberbatch, click here for the Bright Vela and here for the Bright Scooter Rezzer.)

10feb15 More prims for all
Bright Residents!

Since 2007, the Bright Corporation has offered rental homes, exclusively to the smartest, most beautiful, and frankly squelchiest Second Life residents.

The selection process is simple. They select us. As we offer homes with private security, free (keep forever) low-prim furniture you can layout yourself, privacy screens with selectable sky-scapes, menu-controlled decor, free TVs with audio, video and web browsing, and so much more - all with generous prim allowances for amazingly low rents - they are obviously smart. And in a world where everything is shaped by the mind, to be smart is to be beautiful.

And the best has just got better.

Without any increase in rents, we are increasing the number of prims (or total "land impact") every single resident can rez in their home.

Apartments ($75/wk): from 30 to 35 prims
Sky Chalets ($99/wk): from 40 to 50 prims
Sky Lofts ($150/wk): from 80 to 100 prims
Sky Suites ($250/wk): from 150 to 200 prims
Sky Worlds ($500/wk): from 300 to 400 prims

Choose a home to call your own. Get Bright. Get squelchy.

(For full details of Bright Corporation Rentals, click here.)

09feb15 BrightCorp Investor
Sandman Soulstar wins $1,000

The camel of love.Congratulations to Sandman Soulstar, who won February's $1000 prize draw!

Dapper, sophisticated, and a long time between haircuts, Sandman Soulstar is a desert-living Motown artist. Presumably. The truth is, we don't know, but think his name is quite fun. And now, he'll have the funds to install a new Bright recording studio in his favourite dune.

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