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Shan Bright
Chief Executive Officer


19feb21 Bright AO
at the Free Dove

Palomma Casanova and Shan Bright
placing the Bright AO at the Free Dove
Perhaps the most common emotion felt on one's first day in Second Life is simply bewilderment. We are bewildered by the techology, the controls, and the environment.

(This fades as we become familiar with the new world, and we are bewildered instead by the people in it. Which is odd, if you think about it, as the people are the same people we meet in "real life". It's just that they behave in SL the way real people do when they know no one knows who they are.)

We explore. We try to understand. We look for free stuff. And if we're lucky, we end up at the .

For 17 years, Palomma Casanova's wonderful and reassuringly friendly shop has brought together designers offering gorgeous freebie avatars, clothes, and accessories, and the bewildered noobies (and discerning old-hands) who need them.

Shan Bright was one of those bewildered noobies in 2007, when she first teleported into the embrace of the kindly bird. In a somewhat delayed but deeply felt gesture of thanks, the Bright Corporation has added the Bright AO to the range of accessories offered by the Dove. We have also opened a new Bright Minishop in the grounds around the main store.

Whether you are new to Second Life, or have been here long enough to remember Wednesday downtime and "system hair", it is worth visiting and revisiting. Thank you Palomma!

(For a list of all our shops, click here.)

18feb21 BrightCorp Investor
Arina Wins L$1000

Arina Lisle. Windswept and lovely.How would you feel if a complete stranger approached you in the street and asked "May I be your friend?" In everyday life, it doesn't happen too often: but in Second Life, it does, and I'm clearly not the only one who finds it odd.

Arina Lisle is also slightly creeped out. "I'm friendly and like meeting interesting ppl. So don't hesitate to say hi", her profile says, but "I accept no random friendship offers and group invites. Ask me first, thanks for understanding."

Good advice. Don't do it. To anyone, that is, not just Arina Lisle, however windswept and lovely she looks.

However, we asked no permission before sending Arina a L$1,000 voucher for winning our Bright Corporation Investors prize draw.

Join Bright Corporation Investors too! It's free - all you invest is your moral support - and we regularly choose a member who has our Megashop in their picks to receive L$1,000 store credit. Just visit and click the investors sign. Even if you don't win the L$1,000 prize, we send out 'dividends' in the form of quality freebies to all our members.

14feb21 New Bright Minishop in Arbordale

We are proud to annouce the opening of the latest Bright Minishop in .

Arbordale is an "urban grungy/post apocalyptic" themed town, beautifully imagined and constructed, and popular with teen avatars. As there are young people, they ask "No drama, no nudity, be nice, have a good time."

Shan Bright scoots through Arbordale. With her clothes on.

We have also donated a Bright Scooter Rezzer, which stands by our shop near the landing point. Here, you can rez a gorgeous Bright Vela scooter for free, and explore the gritty urban setting on two wheels. Just, you know, not naked.

(For a list of all our shops, click here.)

30jan21 Bright TV
Film Guide Updated

The Bright TV and Radio can play any video, or Shoutcast radio stream, supported by Second Life. As long as you have the URL, you can peer into your Second Life and see your avatar watching scenes from your first life.

The TV comes complete with a regularly updated media guide, and each January we make a special attempt to add new content: particularly classic films. Amongst those added this year are Rage at Dawn, an old school western from 1955 starring Randolph Scott, The Inspector General with Danny Kaye from 1949, based (loosely) on Nilolai Gogol's extraordinary comedy of the same name, and the intensely atmospheric Oliver Twist from 1948, directed by David Lean and starring Alec Guinness, based on Charles Dicken's novel.

(Don't have a Bright TV? See it for yourself at the . And buy one. And another one for a friend. Go on, they'll love you for it.)

25jan21 Bright Freebies now at Helping Haven

A shout out to Lily Swindlehurst of Helping Haven (helpinghaven.weebly.com), one of Second Life's loveliest resources for new residents. (The Haven, we mean. Not Lily. Lily is not a resource for new residents, even if she is lovely.)

Aside from advice, training courses, and other diversions, the Haven offers stores packed with freebies from leading SL creators, and now includes the full range of G-rated Bright Corporation freebies.

Visit them in-world at

For the A-rated ones, you'll need to go to our Adultshop. It's ok. We won't tell.

(For a list of all our shops and freebie outlets, click here.)

08jan21 Bright Hypnocages and BDSM Toys at FFU

J0ri Tokyo's , as the name implies, is a salon which takes an exhilaratingly assertive approach to "makeovers".

With its deeply pink decor, and frankly alarming equipment, the FFU absorbed "Wendy LeMay's Estate" which some may remember, and has been changing lives since 2006. You can learn more at ffubroadcasting.blogspot.com.

Bright Hypnocages at the FFU: Turn on. Tune in. Wear pink.

The FFU has now installed several versions of the Bright Hypnocage, and a number of items from the Bright BDSM Toys range.

Visit. Immerse yourself. Lose yourself. Find yourself.

There's a good girl.

05jan21 Linden Lab Sold

Rather oddly hidden at the bottom of a Linden Lab Featured News blog post titled Life in the Cloud, and mainly about Second Life's transition to Amazon cloud storage, is the announcement that Linden Research Inc. itself has new owners: read it here.

A "group led by Randy Waterfield and Brad Oberwager" has just finalised their purchase of the company.

New LL directors: Brad Oberwager, J. Randall Waterfield, and Raj Date

This somewhat muted annoucement says little about these buyers, or their plans for our world: indeed, it emphasises "business as usual", while hinting at "more resources in 2021 to further improve and grow Second Life".

Naturally, the brightcorporation.net website will maintain it's policy of fierce editorial independence, even if we depend on continued access to Second Life to remain in business at all.

But Shan Bright, for one, welcomes our new corporate overlords, and notes what strangely good-looking boys they all are, who look sure to be friendly to the needs of virtual businesses run by short, red-haired women.

16dec20 Wishing you Merry Xmas
And a Bright New Year!

As 2020 draws to a close, it is with delight and frank surprise that we note that - despite the leadership offered by our respective governments - humanity is still here.

Similarly, notwithstanding the guidance of Linden Lab, as we publish our fourteenth Bright Corporation Xmas Greeting Thingy, Second Life is too.

So now is a time to celebrate. May every bell, on every church tower and every nipple clamp, ring out the news. We survive!

As ever, the Bright Xmas Greeting Thingy® is a card containing a slideshow of 24 images, and is available in two flavours:

The "general" captures images of people celebrating Xmas in 23 places around the earth, and one off it.

The "adult" flavour captures the people themselves: in ropes, cuffs, and festive clothing.

We try to get cards to all our friends and customers, but if we missed you, we're sorry: do please collect one. The general is available at the , and the adult at the .

From everyone at the Bright Corporation, may we wish you a very Merry Xmas, and, as ever, a Bright New Year!

03nov20 An Official Statement
On The US Election

On this momentous day in US politics, the Bright Corporation wish to offer their passionate support to whichever candidate you are supporting.

Though some might hesitate before publically alienating supporters of the other guy, fearing that it might hurt their sales, we felt that this was a time for courage.

So go out and vote, and here's hoping our guy wins. And the other guy doesn't.

And if he does, why not celebrate by visiting the Bright Megashop and treating yourself to some of Second Life's loveliest things?

On the other hand, if he doesn't, why not console yourself with a little me-time shopping at the Bright Megashop?

I am Shan Bright, and I appove this message.

17sep20 Bright Hypnocage
now at the Pink Institute

The is the natural home of Second Life's most bosomy, perfectly made up, latex coated, and gigglingly anticipative sissies. The air is 47% hairspray, and the combined Avatar Complexity Rating has crashed graphics cards better than yours.

This fondant fancy of an adult venue was created by the utterly fabulous Vanessa 'Bubbles' von Piggen (hypnoslave.kit), and we were delighted to learn she has installed a Bright Hypnocage in the Institute's main building, by the square.

Go visit. If you haven't slipped into the Pink, you haven't second lived, darling.

14sep20 Linden Lab announce
Endowment for the Arts

Nothing to do with Bright this time - just a piece of interesting news we wished to pass on to those of our readers lovely enough to create art within Second Life for the rest of us.

In Linden Lab's official Featured News blog, an update by Brett Linden dated the 11th of September accounces a Second Life Endowment for the Arts (SLEA), to be opened to the public in January 2021.

"At the heart of the SLEA presence in Second Life will be a new central landing and information hub featuring a teleport station that will help visitors easily discover current exhibitions, as well as a public park, “art challenge corner,” arts education center and SLEA Theater."

Artists, thank you for doing what you do. Click here and make sure Linden Lab follow through in helping you as they should.

03sep20 Bright BDSM Toys
now at The Secret Rose

We were delighted to hear from owner Jenny B Rose (JennyBean201) that the villa at has now been stocked with toys from the Bright BDSM Toys collection.

The Secret Rose is the perfect Second Life holiday destination for lovers of sand, sea, and sadomasochism. Idyllic beaches surround a beautiful village, and the place is worth a visit for the atmosphere and architecture alone.

Unlike most tourist destinations, there is no gift shop. But they do hold regular auctions at which you might buy yourself a consenting slave. Or sell yourself as one.

20aug20 New Usergroup Freebie:
Bright 8-bit Dancer

Meet Pixeleen: the gorgeously bouncy and utterly indefagitable animated dancer who could be adding to the atmosphere at your club, store, or bedroom. She doesn't judge: she just wants to dance.

Pixeleen is available free from the , and has already been sent out to our usergroup.

For more information about her, click here. And if you'd like to take up free membership of our usergroup, and receive all such freebies the day they are released, click here.

01jul20 New Bright BDSM Toys
at Jane's Playground

Shout out to the lovely JaneHappy, and her always busy and frankly alarmingly laissez-faire , where submissive bunnies go to cross the road when they want to be run over.

Jane has now installed there the Bright Hypnocage, and the Bright BDSM Toys: both recently announced on this blog.

With its many thousands of visitors, the venue is partially funded by revenue from the Bright Advertising Boards we helped Jane install some years ago: and we are proud to be part it.

The Playground might best be compared to Hieronymus Bosch's paintings of Hell, but populated entirely by people who like that kind of thing.

Join them. Plan to stay for longer than you'd planned.

28jun20 Bright Chat Relay
New version & features!

Are Second Life avatars standing further apart as their users try to avoid being infected with COVID-19?

It's hard to imagine this kind of weapons-grade idiocy might be possible, and yet there are people who do think a virus can be spread by 5G telecoms installations: so if there is a lesson here, it is never to underestimate the power of human stupidity.

This cry of despair was prompted by yet another report of arson against a cell phone tower by some anti-sanity militia, and the need to create a tenuous link to the release of a product upgrade to the Bright Chat Relay.

Extra points for the mask not covering her nose.

In Second Life, avatars more than 20m apart cannot hear each other. The Bright Chat Relay allows you to install microphones around your venue, and relay all the chat they pick up to those outside this range. As a result, everyone can talk to everyone - even while social distancing in antivax tees and tin foil hats.

This product has been popular at many large SL venues: improving the buzz by letting lots of visitors talk to each other, or carrying public announcements, or letting DJ's efficiently address an entire nightclub-full of single ladies.

The new version released today eliminates the problem that, by repeating chat publically, those close enough to the original speaker may hear it twice. By a new and clever magic, chat is relayed only to people who wouldn't otherwise have heard it. This eliminates the greatest problem such systems have faced in the past. Echo. Echo.

It is also easier to install, more configurable, generally sexier, and for the evidentially-challenged, certified entirely free of virus-causing 5G equipment, chemtrail generators, or Illuminati mind control devices.

(For more information about the product, written in less of a temper, click here.)

18jun20 New Usergroup Freebie:
Bright Box of Trippy Art

Anyone who claims that art can lift the soul more than drugs has clearly never tried drugs. But there's no reason you can't enjoy both.

We visited the wonderful collection of images at pixabay.com and searched for trippy, groovy, funky, and various other corduroy covered words, and collected the best of the resulting weapons-grade psychadelia in this collection of 25 prints, all in 1 prim, copyable, slideshow capable, menu-driven frames.

The Bright Box of Trippy Art is available free from the , and has already been sent out to all members of our usergroup.

For more information about the collection, click here. And if you'd like to take up free membership of our usergroup, and receive all such freebies the day they are released, click here. It's just like... wow, man.

14jun20 Bright Dungeon Opens

As people are divided by "social distancing", there has never been a greater need for a virtual space in which they can meet, relax, talk, and chain each other to things.

We are therefore proud to announce the opening of the Bright Dungeon within the grounds of the Bright Sandbox.

Floating some 4km above the sandbox, this modern, open-plan torture space combines the ergonomic comfort and style of an Apple showroom with a depravity of art and function which will get you thrown out of even the most tolerant theistic religion.

Come and play with the recently released Bright BDSM Toys and the Bright HypnoCage (see below) - and either bring a friend, or find a new one already handily secured in place.

(For more information about the Bright Dungeon, and the Bright Sandbox in which it can be found, click here.)

10jun20 New: Bright BDSM Toys
Consensual Fun

Give people anonymity, physical safety, and freedom from social cant and hypocrisy, and you get Second Life: a world in which one third of the population is leading the other two-thirds on leashes.

Consensual power exchange, for fun, experimentation, pleasure, and more fun, is a visible and everyday fact of life in the virtual world, and even those residents who loudly protest that no one should be enjoying it have alts who nevertheless do.

We at Bright have always been proud to support the SL BDSM community, and are delighted to announce a new range of Bright BDSM Toys: a collection of 16 bondage toys with full RLV support, locking, timers, forced sitting, Lockguard chain support, texture-control menus, access control, and much much more: an entire dungeon in a box.

Whether you run an adult venue, or are looking for toys to play with at home, or simply wish to examine these toys to see how thoroughly you disapprove of them, you want the Bright BDSM Toys.

Because Mistress Bright says so.

(For more information about the Bright BDSM Toys collection, click here. To try them for yourself, visit the .)

05jun20 A Statement
Of The Obvious

That any human being's rights or treatment should not be affected by the colour of their skin - or by their gender, sexuality, nationality, language, age, or other fact of their lives outside their own actions - is such an obvious truth that it is depressing anyone should have to protest to assert it. And yet, throughout history, we have had to.

All of us here at Bright wish to express our support to those doing so now.

Linden Lab themselves - creators of Second Life - have also expressed support. Click here to read their statement, and information about related in-world events.

24may20 New Release:
Bright Litter Returner
Control space - without lasers

One of the many odd things we learn from Second Life is that the ability to create things with our minds can make life complicated. If you have teleported to, say, a secluded beach, only to find yourself materialising inside a 20m tall SpongeBob SquarePants whimsically left by some previous sunbather, you'll understand.

To prevent such chaos, most sites simply don't allow visitors to rez.

But what if you need to allow rezzing at your site, while keeping just particular spaces clear of foreign objects?

This is what the Bright Litter Returner makes possible.

Want to open a art gallery in the sky above your sandbox, and keep it free of litter - while still allowing residents to build on the ground below? Tell the system the X/Y/Z coordinates of the block of space you wish to keep clear, and who should be allowed to rez there, and anything rezzed by anyone else within that protected zone will be returned to them.

Stop thinking about my squeezy body.So instead of having to divide parcels using crude ground borders, you can define spaces anywhere - on the ground or in the sky - with finely tuned rezzing rights. Very cool.

(If you're still thinking about what it might be like to be trapped within the bouncy, squeezy body of a huge SpongeBob SquarePants, as he smiles inanely and stares unblinkingly into the sky, please pull yourself together, read this blog post again, and pay attention this time.)

(For more information about the Bright Litter Returner, click here.)

10may20 New Bright HypnoCage
You are feeling sleepy...

You are feeling very sleepy.

With each word you read, you feel soothed. Calmed. Relaxed.

You are finding Bright products more and more beautiful. The quality of their design delights you. The burgeoning feature sets excite you. The ruthlessly manipulative marketing leaves you feeling pleasantly ravished.

You want to buy the Bright HypnoCage.

The Bright HypnoCage subjects you to an intense, hypnotic program of swirling, animated, floating images, alluring human voices and strange sounds, and suggestive, seductive messages.

It comes complete with 9 programs: eight adult themes (inlcuding bdsm, femdom, sissies, and human dolls), and the LSD inspired experience called "Trippy!".

Enjoy hypnosis yourself, bend the minds of your soon-to-be-consensual human toys, or rez HypnoCages at your venue to attract curious visitors... and keep them there.

You want one.
You want it now.
You want one for a friend too.

When I snap my fingers, you will wake up feeling refreshed, happy, and ready to shop.

(For more information about the Bright HypnoCage, click here. To try it for yourself, visit the .)

23apr20 Fantasy Faire
Magic and Humanity

In the improbable event that purchasing and enjoying fabulous Bright products should leave a gap in your Second Life, we'd like to recommend a visit to the Fantasy Faire, which opens today.

"Celebrating its twelfth year, Fantasy Faire 2020 is the largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, role-players and performers in the virtual world. From Thursday, April 23 to Sunday May 10, treat yourself to shopping, dance and theater performances, DJ parties, auctions, questing, our Literary Festival, fantasy art, events and role-playing as thousands of Second Life residents and creators bring their own visions together to support the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer."

Art, fantasy, magic, and progress towards a cure for cancer. Worth taking a short break from shopping to support.

A short one.

For more information, visit: fantasyfairesl.wordpress.com

22mar20 New Bright Text Screen
Halves Land Impact!

In May last year, we released the Bright Text Screen: an amazing device which could display instantly updatable text in Second Life.

We are proud to announce an updated version with a new, mesh design, which is 100% compatible with the original, but halves the land impact (LI) of any given size of text screen.

Each point of land impact now allows you to display another 10 characters!

It was already wonderful.
It could now be too sexy for Second Life.

If you run any kind of public venue, you need one. It is the best and most natural way to communicate with your visitors, providing live, changing information, announcements, and interactive help. For more information, click here!

20mar20 The Bright Mask
A vital futile gesture

As society collapses around us, and humanity is hunted by a tiny, ruthless, molecular killer (display name CoronaVirus, user name COVID-19), it would be wildly inappropriate not to laugh like a woman putting down her joint only to discover she's forgotten how to unwrap Mars Bars.

So while brave, hard-working people are naturally distracted by the struggle to provide food, medical care, and the necessities of life in a world made chaos, the rest of us must focus on the vital work of creating darkly amusing absurdities.

The Bright Corporation has taken up the challenge by producing the entirely pointless Bright Mask, an anti-airborne infection medical mask to protect your avatar in a virtual world without infection, or indeed air. But it does look a bit sexy, so there's that.

Collect yours at the .

In RL, on the other hand, if you need advice, stop reading the words of a woman who has given up the fight against retail packaging and is now biting through the wrapper, and go instead to the sites of the World Health Organisation (WHO), or the British National Health Service (NHS), or the US Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Be kind.
Protect yourself.
Protect others.
Good luck to us all.

(For more information about the Bright Mask, please click here. Please remember to remove your mask before eating your Mars Bar.)

07jan20 New Films on Bright TV!

If you own a Bright TV, click "Media Guide", then "Film", to see the available film list, which has been updated for 2020 with new titles including the historic A Star Is Born (starring Janet Gaynor and Fredric March), the darkly ironic film noir D.O.A. (starring Edmond O'Brien), beatnik themed The Bloody Brood (starring Peter Falk), and many more new titles.

Don't have a Bright TV? Get one!