Welcome to the Bright Corporation. We trade in the virtual world Second Life. Here you'll find everything you want to know about us and our services, plus a great deal more you probably don't, but we just don't seem able to avoid writing. Click here to contact us, here to visit us in-world at the , or just scroll down.

Shan Bright
Chief Executive Officer


10may20 New Bright HypnoCage
You are feeling sleepy...

You are feeling very sleepy.

With each word you read, you feel soothed. Calmed. Relaxed.

You are finding Bright products more and more beautiful. The quality of their design delights you. The burgeoning feature sets excite you. The ruthlessly manipulative marketing leaves you feeling pleasantly ravished.

You want to buy the Bright HypnoCage.

The Bright HypnoCage subjects you to an intense, hypnotic program of swirling, animated, floating images, alluring human voices and strange sounds, and suggestive, seductive messages.

It comes complete with 9 programs: eight adult themes (inlcuding bdsm, femdom, sissies, and human dolls), and the LSD inspired experience called "Trippy!".

Enjoy hypnosis yourself, bend the minds of your soon-to-be-consensual human toys, or rez HypnoCages at your venue to attract curious visitors... and keep them there.

You want one.
You want it now.
You want one for a friend too.

When I snap my fingers, you will wake up feeling refreshed, happy, and ready to shop.

(For more information about the Bright HypnoCage, click here. To try it for yourself, visit the .)

23apr20 Fantasy Faire
Magic and Humanity

In the improbable event that purchasing and enjoying fabulous Bright products should leave a gap in your Second Life, we'd like to recommend a visit to the Fantasy Faire, which opens today.

"Celebrating its twelfth year, Fantasy Faire 2020 is the largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, role-players and performers in the virtual world. From Thursday, April 23 to Sunday May 10, treat yourself to shopping, dance and theater performances, DJ parties, auctions, questing, our Literary Festival, fantasy art, events and role-playing as thousands of Second Life residents and creators bring their own visions together to support the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer."

Art, fantasy, magic, and progress towards a cure for cancer. Worth taking a short break from shopping to support.

A short one.

For more information, visit: fantasyfairesl.wordpress.com

22mar20 New Bright Text Screen
Halves Land Impact!

In May last year, we released the Bright Text Screen: an amazing device which could display instantly updatable text in Second Life.

We are proud to announce an updated version with a new, mesh design, which is 100% compatible with the original, but halves the land impact (LI) of any given size of text screen.

Each point of land impact now allows you to display another 10 characters!

It was already wonderful.
It could now be too sexy for Second Life.

If you run any kind of public venue, you need one. It is the best and most natural way to communicate with your visitors, providing live, changing information, announcements, and interactive help. For more information, click here!

20mar20 The Bright Mask
A vital futile gesture

As society collapses around us, and humanity is hunted by a tiny, ruthless, molecular killer (display name CoronaVirus, user name COVID-19), it would be wildly inappropriate not to laugh like a woman putting down her joint only to discover she's forgotten how to unwrap Mars Bars.

So while brave, hard-working people are naturally distracted by the struggle to provide food, medical care, and the necessities of life in a world made chaos, the rest of us must focus on the vital work of creating darkly amusing absurdities.

The Bright Corporation has taken up the challenge by producing the entirely pointless Bright Mask, an anti-airborne infection medical mask to protect your avatar in a virtual world without infection, or indeed air. But it does look a bit sexy, so there's that.

Collect yours at the .

In RL, on the other hand, if you need advice, stop reading the words of a woman who has given up the fight against retail packaging and is now biting through the wrapper, and go instead to the sites of the World Health Organisation (WHO), or the British National Health Service (NHS), or the US Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Be kind.
Protect yourself.
Protect others.
Good luck to us all.

(For more information about the Bright Mask, please click here. Please remember to remove your mask before eating your Mars Bar.)

07jan20 New Films on Bright TV!

If you own a Bright TV, click "Media Guide", then "Film", to see the available film list, which has been updated for 2020 with new titles including the historic A Star Is Born (starring Janet Gaynor and Fredric March), the darkly ironic film noir D.O.A. (starring Edmond O'Brien), beatnik themed The Bloody Brood (starring Peter Falk), and many more new titles.

Don't have a Bright TV? Get one!

20dec19 'Tis The Season
To Be Bright

This blessed time offers a chance for humanity to look beyond the strife and shallowness of everyday life, and reconnect with deeper, more resonant, and truly universal values: like alcohol, chocolate, and Bright Xmas Cards.

As has our tradition for thirteen years, we are celebrating this wintery triumph of the id with a collection of half-naked, restrained santas, who know if you've been good or bad because they know you've been bad.

For friends and customers who favour a milder but still colourful holiday, we have collected a set of Xmas stamps issued by 24 countries from Armenia to the United States, with more trees, stars, and reindeer than you'll find in a Finnish travel brochure.

Pick up either or - in the spirit of Xmas - both! The general version of the Xmas Greeting Thingy is available from the , and the adult version from the .

May you enjoy the Merriest of Xmases, and, as always, a Bright New Year!

10nov19 New Product:
Bright Moderna

See below, and you'll see we recently announced improvements to our Bright Apartment rentals.

The design of the new buildings created considerable interest, and we have decided to offer them for sale to those who already own land (and so do not wish to rent), but want to live in similar style.

The Bright Moderna is now available for only L$175: approximately 0.00003% of what a similar home might cost you in London or New York.

The building requires a 48m x 16m plot, and can be rezzed on the ground, or up in the clouds to form the perfect sky box. (Just try that in Manhattan.)

Or if you wish to create an distinctive and striking tower block, simply rez Modernas one above the other, 8m apart, for as many floors as you need. They are designed to fit together into a distinctive sculptural form.

The Moderna has a single, open plan living space, with a wide bay window to the front, and a flat one to the rear. Click this, and it will slide up into the roof, opening your apartment onto the long, railed balcony. Click the centre panel in the middle of the bay window, and you can even change the decor instantly, from cool pale-wood surfaces, to lush carpets and opaque glass, or colourful tiles and fabrics.

And each apartment is built from only 8 prims. Save your parcel's land impact capacity for rezzing furniture, art, and a helicopter on your roof.

If only real life could be this way.

(For more information about this slice of style, click here: or visit the and click the teleporter in the corner to be taken to the Moderna show home.)

28oct19 New Freebie:
Bright Object Reporter

Frank Badboy: My Spankathon 2000 won't let go - I've been trapped in this thing for three hours!

As the proud creator of the Spankathon, you're naturally concerned that your automated playmate seems to be having issues with consent. You do marvel inwardly that it took Frank three hours to complain, but that's not important right now. He's no longer having fun, and this is an emergency.

"Have you tried the default safeword? It's 'ELLEN DEGENERES'".

"Yes! It won't listen!"

You could teleport to the site, but even if you did, you have no edit access to Frank's Spankathon, as he owns it. Besides, it might be rather intrusive. There's probably a problem in the settings, but Frank sounds a little frantic - it would be difficult to guide him through the menus to find the settings you need.

Instead, you drop your Bright Object Reporter script into his IM window.

"Drop this in the machine. When it asks you for an email address, enter 'roxanne@spankindustries.com'."

A few seconds later, your inbox receives a "Bright Object Report - Spankathon 2000".

It provides a detailed analysis of the whole machine. It's name, description, and location. The names and descriptions of all the prims it contains, and their colour, textures, and floating text. And the names and contents of any notecards.

Ok... the "status light" is red - it's running. The floating text says "You deserve this, Frank, don't you?". That's normal. And the settings notecard says: "SAFEWORD=TRICKLE-DOWN ECONOMICS". Ah. Frank is suffering for his fiscal conservativism.


"What? Oh god, now I remember. I changed the safeword."

"Have you said it? Did it stop?"

"I'll say it later. I'm going to give it another hour."

The "Bright Object Reporter" will provide a detailed analysis of any object it is dropped into. Settings stored in prim descriptions and notecards, colours, textures, and floating text which may indicate status, and much else. You can use it to analyse builds while you work on them, and hear reports in chat or by email. Or you can give the script to other people, so that they can drop it into an object and send a detailed report to you. Once complete, it simply deletes itself.

Keep this script in your inventory, to collect information about your own builds, or to better help customers, who may be too frustrated, or... otherwise distracted, to give you long, detailed, accurate diagnostic information.

It's free. It's copy/trans. And Frank will thank you.

(For a description of the Bright Object Reporter which is both more detailed and less spanky, click here.)

18sep19 BrightCorp Investor
Kenna wins $1,000

Kenna discovering that virtual coal
can sometimes be just too warm.
Congratulations to Kenna Graves, who has just won our $1000 prize draw!

Kenna writes "Love meeting new people from around the world, and trying new things." So are you from around the world? And do you have a new thing? Then Kenna wants to meet you. And try it.

Join Bright Corporation Investors too! We regularly choose a member who has our Megashop in their picks to receive L$1,000 store credit. Just visit and click the investors sign. Even if you don't win the L$1,000 prize, we send out 'dividends' in the form of quality freebies to all our members.

10aug19 Bright Chica now free

Some have argued that the Bright Corporation is merely a vehicle by which CEO Shan Bright can indulge her dark personal obsessions while wielding corporate power and frenziedly amassing money.

And they say it like it's a bad thing? Why? (And how has Disney got away with it for so long?)

One of these obsessions is The Prisoner, a cult sixties television series devised by and starring Patrick McGoohan, and set in a beautiful but mysterious and dystopian place known only as The Village. Eleven years ago, this village was wonderfully recreated in Second Life by sister Prisoner fan Catty Erde, and BrightCorp were delighted to be commissioned to develop her Second Village website - archived online here - and open a shop there.

We also created the Bright Chica, inspired by the jeep-like British Mini-Moke which served as the Village taxi. While the Second Village site is sadly no longer in Second Life, we wanted to celebrate its memory by rereleasing the Chica as a freebie. If you're a member of the Bright Corporation Investors usergroup, you'll receive your copy automatically - but if not, do visit the and pick up yours there. They drive, they fly, and they can even be worn as an attachment to allow you to motor through no-rez areas. Then join the group! There's no charge, and you'll receive all future freebies automatically, and be entered for our regular prize draw.

(And if this obsession shouldn't strike you as particularly dark, be assured that the rest are, though unlike this one, they aren't available to you for free. For more information, chain yourself into a ball, IM Goddess@brightcorporation.net, and wait.)

27jul19 Bright rentals upgraded!
More space, more prims

We have rebuilt our Bright Apartments block in Drax. The new apartments are larger, with gorgeous bow windows overlooking the region, and long open balconies. We have also introduced a menu system to allow residents to change the apartment's surface textures, and increased their prim allowance from 50 to 60.

Prim allowances in our Sky Chalets will also be increasing to 80.

Existing Apartment or Sky Chalet residents need do nothing: their rent boxes have been updated to allow the new prim allowances.

But if you are not currently renting a Bright home, and would like more information, click here.

03jun19 BrightCorp Investor
IJustWannaDance wins $1,000

SL Resident IJustWannaDance, dreaming
of a world in which people can read.
Congratulations to IJustWannaDance, who won June's $1000 prize draw!

In case you were puzzled by this resident's name, she explains it in her profile. "As my SL name suggests, I Just Wanna Dance." It seems some have still failed to understand, as she continues "Meaning not looking for a relationship, nor am I lookilng for 'intimate' encounters." So her focus? "I love to dance so I searched Google for a word I could as a name that means dance. I found Mai in the search resutls. It's Japanese for 'Dance'."

The existence of profiles like these suggests that, sadly, some Second Life residents are still struggling with consent, respect, privacy, and basic literacy. I you want to dance, ask Mai. If you want to to shower someone with money in gratitude for a chance to serve, naked and chained, as a coffee table, foot-rest and ash-tray for her and her friends, contact Shan Bright, BrightCorp CEO and Freelance Goddess. But whatever you want from someone, do read their profile first.

Join Bright Corporation Investors too! We regularly choose a member who has our Megashop in their picks to receive L$1,000 store credit. Just visit and click the investors sign. Even if you don't win the L$1,000 prize, we send out 'dividends' in the form of quality freebies to all our members.

12may19 New Product:
Bright Text Screen


"Bouncy", "kerfuffle", "delphinestrian", "schadenfreude", and, of course, "cheese".

We, at the Bright Corporation, are in favour of words.

And yet, though Second Life allows you to build anything from a ziggurat to a gyrocopter, you can't write the words "ziggurat" or "gyrocopter" on a prim to put a simple sign in front of your build.

The best you can do is open an off-world graphics editor, create an image containing the word, upload this as a texture (paying L$10 for the privilege), and apply it to a prim.

If you wish to put up notices for your visitors, billboards showing news, advertisements of forthcoming events, or anything showing frequently changing text, this quickly becomes onerous and expensive.

We are proud to offer a solution: the Bright Text Screen.

Rez a screen, use chat to say the text you'd like to display, and your words will appear instantly.

The Bright Text Screen is unique. A simple menu allows you to set not only the size of the characters, but the number of rows, and characters per row. Display two rows of 10 characters, or 25 rows of 50, or 30 rows of 40... any layout up to a total of 1275 characters.

The screen allows you to embed "tokens" to change the colour of text, change between seven font styles, apply bold or inverted colour attributes, and generally create attractive, eye-catching displays.

And it comes with four free add-ons: a presenter to run slide-show style, interactive presentations, an ereader to allow notecards to be read like ebooks in a Kindle, a chat viewer to each local chat on-screen, and an email sign, which you can update just by sending an email, even when you aren't in Second Life!

If you are a scripter, you can also update the screen from your own scripts using a simple API, simply by sending chat messages - and be notified of users who click the text you display, and where they clicked.

The Bright Text Screen is a live, updatable page in Second Life. When you've finished Googling to find out what "delphinestrian" means, go to the and see one for yourself!

(For a detailed description of the Bright Text Screen, click here.)

02may19 New Freebie:
Bright Two-Prim Flat

The formula determining the capacity of a piece of land in Second Life is p=n-x, where p is the number of prims available, n is the number you need, and x is about seven.

This creates a problem, which top mathematicians at the Bright Corporation have now solved through the discovery of what they called "very small numbers", before begging to be unchained from their motivational electro-shock abaci and allowed to return to service pulling Mistress Bright's carriage.

The first very small number is 2: the number of prims making up the Bright Two-Prim Flat, a modern, menu-controlled home, with selectable sizing (from 4x4m to 64mx32m), textures and decorating schemes, and a built-in teleporter between floors (using temporary prims).

The second, and even smaller number, is 0: the price. The flat is free, and copyable. So get one. It's very cool.

And if you should see Mistress Bright's carriage being pulled across the regions of Second Life, do spare a sugar lump for the mathematicians.

(For a full description this marvellously minimalist home, click here.)

20apr19 Notre Dame

The recent fire damaging Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was a tragedy, though we can at least be thankful that there was no loss of life.

Like many, it prompted us learn more about this historic building, and see if it had ever been recreated in Second Life. It has - beautifully - and a brief video about it has been posted. See it on YouTube, and in-world.

While skilled, hard-working people repair the original, some good may yet come from this reminder of humanity's historic achievements, if it spurs a renewed effort to preserve them, and our world, for the future.

28feb19 To Boldly Go... Nowhere

"Tell Suzy I'm on my way"

Don't you just hate it when you pop out to buy some groceries, only to find that everything goes black, and you find yourself floating in a featureless void for what seems an age, until suddenly the universe simply winks out of existence?

Unless you indulge in the recreational use of LSD, or have recently died, you probably haven't encountered this problem.

But an existential terror which was once the preserve of the dedicated acidhead has now been skilfully recreated by Linden Lab engineers for all Second Life residents. Dare to teleport since the latest server updates, and you are as likely to disappear from virtual reality altogether as you are to reach Big Suzy's Jelly Emporium, and Big Suzy's not the only one who's annoyed.

This blog post is to advise our (gorgeous) readers that (a) no, it's not just you, it is happening to everyone, (b) there doesn't seem to be anything you can do to avoid it until the Lindens fix the problem except, perhaps, walk, and (c) should you finally get there, for heaven's sake, don't eat the jelly.

07jan19 Watch Public Domain Films on your Bright TV

Imprisoned by Disney for 20 years.
Getting out this week.
Sleep with one eye open, Mickey.

2019 is a special year for the Public Domain.

Under US law, works from 1923 were due to enter the Public Domain after 75 years, in 1999. But a number of corporations, led by Disney, lobbied Congress, and a 20 year "pause" on public domain was passed. As a result, no new work has entered the Public Domain in the US for two decades.

The pause ended on the first of January, and new films are entering the Public Domain once again.

And any film buff will find some gems. This year's batch include The Pilgrim by Charlie Chapline, The Ten Commandments by Cecil B. DeMille, Scaramouche by Rex Ingram, and Our Hospitality by Buster Keaton.

If you'd like to watch one of these films on your Bright TV, you'll need to find it online: but there are any number of sites which specialise in uploading Public Domain films, and a number of YouTube channels specialising in them.

One you have the URL you need, simply add it to the BOOKMARKS notecard inside your Bright TV. For instance, for the Charlie Chaplin classic, add:

The Pilgrim
| https://www.youtube.com/embed/r5uazfbgHn4

And now that Congress's twenty year moratorium is over, every year will see new Public Domain films. A Google search will quickly lead you to the many sites listing each January's batch, or previewing films to expect in future years.

It's true that both on YouTube, and in Second Life, pirate copies of more modern films are available: but be warned, both the links to the films themselves, and the groups that provide them, are constantly disappearing as the corporations' well-oiled cease-and-desist and DMCA machines churn.

But more to the point: the films finally becoming the property of humanity are part of our history, a window into the past, and include superb works of art. A little effort to find out what we are gifted each year is an excellent way to discover things which are not being marketed, and disrupt the carefully managed version of culture being pressed on us.

Treat yourself. Gain some perspective. You've just become the owner of some great old films. Watch one!

(Don't have a Bright TV? See it for yourself at the . And buy one. Old PD films look better on a Bright TV. That's science, that is.)